9 things you must know about staying away from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

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Is urethritis a urinary tract infection? Many people are still confused, and they don’t know how to distinguish them. Urethritis, in fact, it is a kind of urinary tract infection. The most common symptoms are frequent urination, urgency, a...[read article]

Can Tomatoes Improve Men's Fertility? So Unbelievable!

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Lycopene can reduce the incidence of prostatitis and even slows down or prevent the progress of prostate cancer. The prostate is a gland that makes sperm, which is vital to the fertility of men....[read article]

What Chinese Herbs can Work on Prostatitis


What kinds of Chinese herbs can release or cure prostatitis? Prostatitis is a common male disease that troubles a lot of men. It often classified into two kinds: bacterial prostatitis and noninfectious one. The two kinds have the similar sy...[read article]

Herbal Medicine is Safe and Effective Prostatitis Supplements


Antibiotic may destroy the healthy cells as they kill the infected cells, resulting in dysbacteria and bacterial resistance within the body, bringing harm to human health and inefficiency of antibiotics to the next treatment. And they also c...[read article]

Can Chronic Prostatitis Cause Lower Back Pain and How to Relieve


Chronic prostatitis is a common male disease and will cause lower back pain if left untreated. Why? And what abnormal symptoms does it lead to in clinically? Pain caused by chronic prostatitis is not only present in the perineum, testicles,...[read article]

Treatment and Cure for Chronic Prostatitis Pain Relief


This disease is very difficult to cure and often time-consuming. Pain and chronic pelvic discomfort are grounded in a patient’s lifestyle, diet, nutrition, and other factors that lie outside the prostate that may contribute to chronic tens...[read article]

What Causes Recurrent Prostatitis Flare Ups


It is these factors that make prostatitis difficult to cure totally. And we also need to pay more attention to the risk factors of its recurrence, including unhealthy lifestyle, irregular sex life, abuse of antibiotics and single therapy. Un...[read article]

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