Pill Updates


From 1 March 2017, current Pill changes to Pill updated version. More important herbs have been added, and other herbs have been reduced according to the lastest research and clinic cases experiences. For more information on these changes, p...[read article]

Things You Need To Know About PID Cure

TAG : PID Cure,PID Treatmen

What is PID? PID is an infection of a womans reproductive organs. The reproductive organs include the uterus (womb), fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix. PID can be caused by many different types of bacteria. Usually PID is caused by bacte...[read article]

What Tools Can Be Used for Prostate Massage Therapy?

TAG : Prostate

The prostate can be a soft walnut-shaped gland below the bladder that swells with fluid throughout sexual arousal. The prostate enlarges as age increases. Troubles for example difficulty urinating or prostate cancer are related with an enlar...[read article]

Clam Down, Not All Situations of Discharge Before Period Are Caused by Medical Conditions.

TAG : Discharge

Commonly, a vaginal discharge served as period’s method, which is not a matter that always should be worried about. Not all situations of discharge before period are caused by medical conditions. So when seeing this phenomenon, just clam d...[read article]

Casting off vaginal odor

TAG : vaginal odor

Are you disturbed by stubborn vaginal odor? As we all known, unpleasant smell often means discomfort and embarrassment, for ladies, especially when the foul smell is so overpowering that the surrounding people can’t help frowning or ...[read article]

Females Should Pay Attention to Chronic Pelvic Pain

TAG : Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain is generally used to describe pelvic pain has lasted at least six months. In addition, there is no single widely accepted definition to determine chronic pelvic pain. Some health experts defined it as pain caused by a medical pr...[read article]

Overview on Pelvic Pain in Females

TAG : Pelvic Pain

Many women don't know what is chronic pelvic pain, but when talking about the usual waist sour backache, abdominal pain, vulvar pain, hip, vaginal pain even sex of discomfort, many women will be reluctant to mention the pain and the embarra...[read article]

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