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Female's Health Care: 10 Killers That Hurt Uterus
Uterus is an important reproductive organ for female, where menstruation takes place and fetus is conceived. Uterus is the “house” prepared for fetus and its environment has close relations to fetus’s health. However, there are some bad habits in our daily life can create great damage to uterus.

10 Killers That Hurt Uterus
1. Repeatedly pregnancy
It’s reported that one will be at higher risk of getting uterus disease if one gets pregnant over 3 times.
2. Have artificial abortion repeatedly
It’s suggested to have abortion no more than 3 times in one’s life and no more than 2 times within one year. Repeatedly artificial abortion in a short time is one of the important factors leading to injury of the uterus. If one has artificial abortion with too much strength, it can cause uterine injury, even perforation, or cause intrauterine infection and adhesions, which will lead to infertility finally.
3. Have abortion privately
Abortion should be under strict sterilization and aseptic technique. However, if one chooses some folk doctors to help them abort privately, they may use instrument without sterilization. By this way, it will cause bacterial contamination, postoperative uterine and pelvic infection after surgery, even sepsis.
4. Neglect prenatal examination
If one neglect prenatal examination, so some abnormal condition for the pregnant woman and the fetus in her uterus can’t be timely found. It may cause serious results such as dystocia or even hysterorrhexis.
5. Malformation and polyembryony
Malformation and polyembryony are more likely to cause dystocia so as to hurt the uterus. So one should have relevant test and take relevant measures once finding malformation or polyembryony during their pregnancy period.
6. Drug abuse of hastening the birth of a child
Drug abuse of hastening the birth of a child may cause uterus rupture and lead to danger of mother and baby.
7. Non-formal deliver
Some people in those less developed areas still adopt old deliver which are non-formal in fact. By this way, it seriously threatens the safety of mother and baby.
8. Have sexual intercourse during pregnancy
It’s suggested to avoid sexual intercourse during the first 3 months and the last 3 months of pregnancy. Sexual orgasm in the first 3 months or the last 3 months of pregnancy can cause shrink of the uterus which may lead to pregnancy termination.
9. Unsanitary sexual life
Unsanitary sexual life can cause vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, tubal inflammation, etc.
10. Disorder sexual life
If mature female have sex abstinence or girls underage have sex earlier, it will create great damage to their physical and mental health as well. It can also cause some gynecological diseases, such as cervical erosion, cervical cancer, etc.
To sum up, one should pay much attention to the protection of uterus in their daily life and be a confident and healthy female!

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