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Holding Back Ejaculation Can Prolong the Sexual Time? Don't be Flattered! Be Careful of Getting Sick
To make the sex last longer, many men deliberately hold back their ejaculation, locking the little tadpoles that should have gone out at home. Although this kind of behavior can indeed prolong the sexual time, in the long run, it will lead to the occurrence of many male genital problems, and even lead to infertility.
Today let’s talk about what the harm is for men to hold back ejaculation.

Why Can Ejaculation be Held back?
The principle of normal ejaculation is this: After the brain is strongly stimulated, the spinal cord will send out sympathetic stimulation to the penis. At this time, the epididymis and vas deferens are contracted, moving the semen to the posterior urethra, where the semen will encounter the prostatic fluid, and finally they will eject normally under the stimulation of maximum pressure.
However, holding back means stopping the jet that should have happened naturally. You can weaken the stimulus by mental or physical means that can interrupt the brain's emission of signals and prevent the brain from sending out sympathetic nerve impulses. Although this can effectively prolong the ejaculation time, it is a suppressive behavior after all, and over time your penis will really be "suffocated".
What Kind of Disease is Hiding Behind "Holding Back"?

Many people think that holding back is just to suppress the desire and will not have bad effects on the body. But in fact, doing so is against the natural laws of the body and may cause many diseases.
1. Erectile Dysfunction
If you suppress the upcoming orgasm, it will increase the burden on the sexual nervous system and organs due to excessive pelvic congestion, which will reduce desire and induce dysfunction over time.
2. Inflammation
Holding back and not shooting, the pelvic organs are always in a state of congestion, and over time, static blood and edema will form. It is easy to form aseptic inflammation, which will eventually cause inflammation such as prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis.
3. Reversed Ejaculation
Generally speaking, during ejaculation, the bladder sphincter closes the passage between the urethra and the bladder, creating pressure to push the semen outward. But if you don't ejaculate, the semen can only flow back into the bladder. In the long run, the function of the sphincter will be reduced, resulting in insufficient injection force, and it will also affect the urinary system and cause related diseases.
4. Nocturnal Emission
Holding back ejaculation can also lead to nocturnal emission. Because the brain often receives the wrong signal, it will become disordered over time. For example, it will ejaculate when there is no stimulation at ordinary times.
Patients need prompt treatment for these diseases, especially prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. An effective medicine is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, an herbal medicine. It can relieve various uncomfortable symptoms caused by prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis in patients, and it doesn’t produce drug resistance or bring any adverse reactions to the body.
The Right Way to Prolong the Sexual Time
If you want to prolong your sexual time, you should do it in a scientific and healthy way, which means developing good life habits and improving your real sex ability.
First, adjust your eating habits. Do not eat foods that are too greasy and high-fat. You can eat more foods high in protein. You should not overeat, otherwise the body's organs will be overloaded, affecting your health and weakening related functions.
Second, enhance exercise. Exercise can enhance your physique, especially for men. A moderate amount of exercise will stimulate the release of male hormones, which is very helpful for sex ability enhancement.
Third, have a reasonable sex life. Abstinence and indulgence are both bad for health. Abstinence will disturb the physiological response. Some people's desires will become bigger and bigger, while some people will become more and more sexless, all of which are bad for your health. On the other hand, indulgence will increase the burden on the genital system, making it more possible to get an illness. A reasonable sex life can help both men and women enjoy sex better by exploring news skills on the bed and improving sex ability, which in return strengthens their relationships.
Fourth, keep a good attitude. Mental health also affects the duration of ejaculation, and when there are emotions such as anxiety, boredom, and lack of confidence, it will naturally have negative effects. Stay confident and focused, enjoy the whole process, and naturally, the sexual time will be longer.
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