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In Six Major Male Infertility Industries, The IT industry is Three Times More Than Others
According to the prediction of the World Health Organization, infertility will become the third-largest disease after tumor and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the 21st century. Authoritative data show that the incidence of unwanted infertility in married couples is 7% to 46%. Although there are differences in different regions, it is generally between 8% and 15%. The more industrialized areas have more infertility. What is the reason? Environmental pollution, bad living habits, radiation, etc., significantly the sudden increase in work pressure seriously affects men's fertility.

Several major industries are thus classified as "infertility industries."
1. Men in teaching professions are seven times more likely to be infertile
Teachers have always been a profession that people respected as "leisure and money." But as a male teacher, with long-term chalk dust pollution, busy running around, managing students, etc., he has no time to take care of his own body, let alone physical health. Therefore, male teachers are prone to infertility.
2. Men in financial analysis are five times more likely to be infertile
Financial analysts must pay attention to the ever-changing economic situation and financial markets for a long time. They are afraid of missing opportunities to eat, sleep, drink water, and go to the bathroom. Coupled with excessive mental stress and physical and psychological fatigue, the damage to sperm is great, and infertility is more likely.
3. Men in the IT industry are three times more likely to be infertile than ordinary men
Most men in the IT industry have such a "professional habit": get up early to go to work, sit in front of the computer for a day, and then sit in front of the computer or TV for hours after returning home; There is no time to go to the bathroom when there is urine; This way of life makes men often in a state of sedentary, urination, exposure to radiation, etc., which increases the local temperature of the testicles, and is prone to prostatitis and testicular spermatogenesis disorders.
4. Engineers are three times more likely to be infertile than ordinary men
Engineers and technicians have been in high tension for a long time, and the radiation from equipment, experimental instruments, etc., has a strong "spermicide" ability. The effect of electromagnetic radiation on the reproductive system is mainly manifested in the reduction of male sexual function and sperm quality.
5. Males who are often exposed to chemical preparations and products are prone to infertility
Chemical products mainly exist in substances such as plastics and plastic foam (white pollutants), detergents, asphalt, and decorative products using chemicals as raw materials. They mostly contaminate water and enter the food chain through it, affecting the development of sperm and thus human fertility.
6. Sedentary drivers, friends wary of infertility
Drivers are at high-risk for prostate diseases because they often drive long distances. Due to the particularity of the occupation, the driver stays in the seat for a long time while driving, and the driver is highly concentrated and unable to perform relaxation activities, causing long-term pressure on the urinary tract, affecting blood circulation, and causing diseases of the prostate. 
In addition, drivers and friends often go on business trips and are affected by environmental factors, which increases the chances of catching a cold and gastrointestinal inflammation, which leads to a decrease in body resistance. It is easy to cause recurrent urinary tract infections and prostatitis. It is also easy to induce the disease. People who drive often drink less water and often hold back urine, which is a direct stimulus to the urinary tract, which easily aggravates the symptoms of prostatitis and brings about the hidden worry of infertility.
So how do we treat infertility of the urinary system, such as prostatitis and orchitis?
From the perspective of Western medicine, antibiotics are generally used for treatment, but antibiotics only relieve symptoms, and there is no way to eradicate them.
Many diseases can cause male infertility, such as chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, cystitis, and dead, weak, and less sperm. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill, made of pure herbs, has the main functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, and relieving pain. Therefore, diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills have significant effects on defeating those diseases.
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