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Left Lower Abdominal Pain? Be Careful of These Diseases!
Many people will have the symptoms of left lower abdominal pain in life, but most people ignore it because the pain is not severe at the beginning or will disappear after a period. However, in fact, left lower abdominal pain is a common adverse manifestation in clinical practice, which is a warning given by the body for health problems. 

Therefore, once left lower abdominal pain occurs, the cause should be found and treated in time. Many diseases can cause this symptom, but the possible causes vary significantly among different groups. So what causes left lower abdominal pain in men?
1. Prostate Disease
One of the most common causes of left lower abdominal pain in men is prostate disease. It is necessary to consider whether it is caused by chronic prostatitis. In addition to left lower abdominal pain, you may also have fever, fatigue and dull pain in the penis and scrotums. Furthermore, prostatic hyperplasia may also lead to left lower abdominal pain. 
Patients can go to the hospital for routine prostate examination to determine the exact disease they have. If it is bacterial prostatitis, you can use antibiotics for treatment. If it is chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, you can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with the effect of clearing away heat and toxins.
2. Epididymitis
Epididymitis usually causes sudden and obvious scrotum pain, gradually turning into left lower abdominal pain, accompanied by epididymis induration and persistent low fever. In the case of acute epididymitis, antibiotic drugs, which are usually intravenous, can be selected for treatment. Be sure to follow the full course of any prescription you are given. Otherwise, acute epididymitis may develop into chronic epididymitis. If it is chronic epididymitis, you can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to improve blood circulation and eliminate inflammation gradually.
3. Varicocele
The onset of varicocele often causes patients to have severe symptoms of dull pain in the left lower abdomen, and the pain will gradually spread back to the waist, groin and other parts. At this time, you can take aescin drugs for treatment according to the doctor's recommendations or directly perform varicocele ligation. Otherwise, the pain will be difficult to eliminate.
4. Colitis
In addition to diseases of the reproductive system, men also have symptoms of left lower abdominal pain after suffering from colitis, which is intermittent and will be relieved after defecation. The occurrence of colitis is mainly caused by daily diet. You should avoid eating raw, cold, stimulating and spicy food. Otherwise, the intestinal tract may have pathological changes. Patients should take anti-inflammatory drugs in time and improve their hygiene.
5. Urinary System Infection
When the urinary system is infected by inflammation, such as urinary tract infection or cystitis, the patient's left lower abdomen will have pain and other discomforts. At this time, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs.
Male left lower abdominal pain may be related to the five diseases mentioned above. You should pay attention to any pain in your body. Don't think a little rest will be enough to relieve the pain. You should know that if the left lower abdomen is often painful, it is likely that some diseases are hidden in the body and are sending a painful signal. 
You should be careful of your body. Otherwise, you may ignore the potential danger to your body that impacts your health. Once you often have pain, you must go to a regular hospital for examination. If you diagnose the disease promptly, you can treat it as soon as possible. Don't wait until a minor illness turns into a big problem!
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