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Constipation Can Also Hurt the Prostate!
Many people know that the prostate is afraid of being squeezed, so sitting and cycling for a long time is not suitable for health. Long-term constipation can also damage the prostate.

The prostate is close to the rectum, separated only by a small amount of loose connective tissue. This feature brings convenience for doctors to perform the digital prostate examination as the prostate can be palpated not far from the anus. But it also lays a hidden danger for the prostate health of constipated patients. People with constipation tend to have dry, lumpy stools and a high rectal temperature. The dry stool squeezes the prostate, making the local blood circulation poor, and it is easy to cause prostate inflammation after a long time. 
In addition, patients with constipation need to increase abdominal pressure to push the stool out during defecation. It will further cause stress on the prostate, causing discomfort in urination and sometimes even "white dripping", that is, the outflow of prostatic fluid. Young men with constipation often have dry stools due to staying up late, sitting for a long time, lack of exercise, and eating spicy and greasy food, and these incentives can also cause symptoms of the prostate. Therefore, constipation is a wake-up call for these people, prompting them to pay attention to their prostate health.
Constipation will lead to the inability to expel toxins from the body. The most significant harm is that it may lead to prostatitis because when constipation occurs, the stool will be directly stored in the rectum, which will cause pressure on the prostate and a small amount of blood supply to the prostate. Eventually, it causes prostatitis. 
Of course, there are only a few cases of prostatitis induced by constipation, but it is undeniable that constipation hurts the prostate. Constipation when having this disease will aggravate the local congestion of the prostate, leading to the deterioration of the condition. 
Therefore, you must ensure a light diet and appropriate activities to promote smooth bowel movements. At the same time, patients with prostatitis can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This herbal medicine promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, clears heat and detoxifies, and can effectively kill various pathogens that cause prostate infection.
Patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia are generally older, and constipation will make their urination more difficult. It is also found that most older adults with benign prostatic hyperplasia are accompanied by constipation, and men can not ignore the impact of constipation on the prostate.
The above introduces the reasons why long-term constipation can cause prostate diseases. The causes of prostate diseases are very complicated. It is not only caused by long-term constipation but also may be caused by uncoordinated sexual life or excessive physical fatigue. Once everyone finds that they have symptoms of frequent and urgent urination or other signs of prostate diseases, they should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.​​
You should develop good habits in daily life. Eat more light and digestible food and vegetables to prevent constipation. Eat less spicy and stimulating food and stop drinking to reduce the incentives for prostate congestion. Proper exercise can enhance the body's resistance and improve local blood circulation in the prostate. Do not hold your urine for a long time. Urine with high concentration will stimulate the prostate, and long-term adverse motivation is harmful to the prostate. Drinking more water can effectively dilute the concentration of urine.
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