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My Semen Turned Red: What's the Matter?
Blood semen occurs in different age groups. In severe cases, blood in the semen can be seen with the naked eye. In mild cases, red blood cells can be found in the semen through a microscope examination. Most blood semen will be combined with acute urinary retention and sexual dysfunction. It is recommended that men check the semen regularly to see if the color is normal and whether it is bloodshot.

Bloody semen is a kind of abnormal semen disease that is more likely to occur in men. After the condition, the patient will discharge red semen during sexual ejaculation. This situation has a significant impact on men. If not actively treated, it will cause infertility problems, so it is recommended that patients actively carry out targeted treatment according to the cause of the appearance of bloody semen. The reasons of hematospermia are relatively complex.
The reasons for blood semen are as follows:
1. Inflammation
Bloody semen may be caused by inflammation. If there are inflammatory lesions such as seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis in the body, it will directly affect the condition of semen. This condition not only causes the patient to have bloody semen but also causes the patient to develop a series of inflammatory reactions.
The main cause of hematospermia is seminal vesiculitis. Seminal vesiculitis is mostly secondary to infection of adjacent organs such as the rectum, bladder, urethra, and prostate, but gonococcus can directly lead to infection. After seminal vesicle infection, edema, hyperemia, and increased new blood vessels often appear in the seminal vesicle wall, and the wall is thin. During sexual intercourse, ejaculation causes the muscles of the seminal vesicle wall to contract, the blood vessels rupture and bleed, post-coital pain occurs, and blood appears in the semen.
In addition, prostatitis can also cause hematospermia. Prostate infection is generally less severe bleeding, short duration, and intermittent attacks. If the patient has a prostate tumor, it will appear bloody semen. It will also be accompanied by adverse reactions such as local pain and difficulty urinating. Prostate stones, tuberculosis, injury, etc., can cause hematospermia, and hematospermia can also occur when varicocele is present.
2. Too frequent sex
If the sex life is too frequent, it will also cause bloody semen, especially many newly married couples will have a frequent sex life. Sex life needs to be limited to a certain extent, and it cannot be carried out frequently. Otherwise, it will not only cause the problem of bloody semen but also make the body suffer from kidney deficiency.
3. Vascular abnormalities
Vascular abnormalities are a common problem in daily life. It occurs in bloody semen if the patient has abnormal blood vessels. Therefore, patients should actively make relevant changes according to the doctor's guidance to avoid this situation from occurring in abnormal blood vessels.
The above content is the reason for the appearance of bloody semen. It is recommended that patients go to the hospital for examination when they have abnormal semen problems to clarify the specific cause better and then treat the cause. In addition, in daily life, patients should also develop good hygiene habits, eat a lighter diet, and pay attention to the combination of work and rest so as not to overwork the body.
If the diagnosis of hematospermia in the patient is caused by seminal vesiculitis, the patient can actively take symptomatic antibiotics for targeted treatment.
When the disease is more severe or chronic, it should be treated with traditional Chinese medicine and physical therapy. People can choose Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat seminal vesiculitis. It can remove pathogenic bacteria, eliminate inflammatory infections, and improve blood sperm and pain discomfort symptom. Physical therapy includes iontophoresis, hyperthermia, and more.
Patients with seminal vesiculitis must abstain from sexual activity after the symptoms of hematospermia appear and cannot have sex for a short time. Otherwise, the symptoms of hematospermia will become more serious.
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