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Prostate Crisis in Men Can Be Found in Urine
Your body is the most precious wealth, and you should cherish your body in life. When you first go to the toilet when you wake up in the morning, the color and smell of your urine can tell you what your physical condition is, and you can also find out whether you have the risk of prostatitis or other diseases.

Urine Bubbles
If you find a layer of fine foam floating on the surface of the urine, and it does not disperse for a long time, this may be an early symptom of nephritis or suggest that men have prostatitis.
This kind of "small bubbles" is caused by a lot of protein in the urine. The earliest change of nephritis is the appearance of protein in the urine. If it is not actively treated, it may cause many problems, such as renal insufficiency.
Men with prostatitis may carry prostatic fluid in their urine, which will cause oil droplets on the surface of the urine, showing a "bubble urine" state with many "small bubbles." Prostatitis is very common. It will cause significant harm to the patient, and it is best to treat it actively. 
Antibiotics are good choices for acute prostatitis. But for chronic prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has apparent effects. Its pure plant formula clears heat and detoxifies, promotes blood circulation, and removes blood stasis. It can dissipate abnormal tissues, open the blocked catheter, and make it function well.
Typical Condition: If the foam is larger or different in size and lasts for a short time, it is a normal flushing foam, and there is no need to be nervous.
Yellow and Red Urine
Red in the urine is likely a symptom of a urinary tract infection, such as urethritis, urinary tract stones, etc. Frequent and urgent urination and dysuria are usually accompanied by hematuria. It is recommended to go to the hospital for a urology examination so as not to miss the best time for treatment.
Normal Condition: Eating vegetables and fruits with natural pigments, such as carrots can make your urine appear red. But this phenomenon is only temporary. Drink a few more glasses of water, and it will slowly restore.
Urine Yellow like Strong Tea
If the urine is yellow like a strong tea for a long time, it often indicates a liver problem. If the urine is yellow for a long time, you must pay attention to whether there are other symptoms in your body, such as jaundice, fatigue, discomfort, and pain in the upper abdomen, and go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time.
Blue or Green Urine
This situation is rare. Rare genetic disorders can cause urine to turn blue or green. Certain specific urinary tract infections can also lead to this strange urine color. But it is more common to be caused by diet or medication. Although not life-threatening, if this condition persists, going to the hospital is your best choice.
People can gain a lot of health information by looking at their urine. But some data cannot be found by naked eye observation. Therefore, when visiting a doctor, the doctor will generally recommend checking a urine routine, which can reflect more information. 
For example, microscopic hematuria (red blood cells in the urine, but only visible through a microscope) is a significant health indicator that is often invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, when seeing a doctor, do not ignore the urine routine examination because this may be one of the best ways to detect the disease.
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