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Andrology Disease: Why Does it Bother You?
The scope of andrological diseases mainly includes diseases of the male reproductive system, such as male epididymis infection, testis and epididymis disease, sexual dysfunction, reproductive dysfunction (commonly known as infertility), gonadal hypoplasia (i.e., male characteristic growth retardation), congenital reproductive organ diseases, urogenital transmitted diseases, andrological miscellaneous diseases, etc.

Andrological diseases can significantly impact men's health, ordinary life, and work. Therefore, male friends should pay attention to the protection work to reduce the harm of Andrology diseases.
So, which people are prone to andrology diseases? Let's learn about these four kinds of men.
1. Lazy men
In life, many men are lazy, always like to sit still, and seldom exercise. At work, I also sit in front of the computer for a long time and don't get up for transportation, which can easily lead to prostate problems. Because when a man is sitting, the reproductive parts will always be in a state of pressure. If the time is extended, the blood circulation in the prostate and other parts will not be smooth, which can cause prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, and other andrological diseases.
Some men are too lazy to choose suitable clothes and pants and wear jeans all year round. It not only significantly impacts the genitalia but also affects the quality of sperm. Because the jeans are not ventilated, the local temperature of the reproductive parts may be too high, which may affect the health of the penis and testis, and also hinder the formation of sperm.
2. A scruffy man
Some men do not stick to details in their lives and pay no attention to their health. In this way, if their private health is not well done, it is easy to cause problems in the genital system. In particular, many men will more or less have the phenomenon of a long foreskin. If you ignore cleaning the genitals, it is easy to cause too much foreskin dirt and breed bacteria, thus inducing penile inflammation, glans inflammation, and other andrological diseases.
3. Men who smoke and drink
It has been proved by science that smoking and drinking are harmful to health, especially to men's reproductive health. For example, some men who often smoke and drink alcohol have lower penis erection intensity than those who do not smoke and drink alcohol, and their sperm quality is much worse than the latter.
4. Men with more negative emotions
A bad mood is also bad for health. If men are under the pressure of work and life for a long time, they are always depressed, nervous or unhappy, and they are more likely to have male problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation. And the occurrence of these andrology diseases will aggravate patients' negative emotions, thus creating a vicious circle. Therefore, I suggest that men should learn to adjust themselves no matter how much pressure they have in life and work to avoid negative emotions affecting their health.
The four male diseases mentioned above are the most susceptible to andrology. I hope that male friends should pay more attention in life. If they find that they belong to one of them, it is suggested to correct them in time to reduce the occurrence of some andrological diseases. If a man has developed some andrological diseases, such as prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis, etc., the patient can choose the Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment.
At the same time, a healthy lifestyle and a good attitude play an important role in preventing Andrology diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that male friends must maintain a healthy mindset and a good lifestyle.
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