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5 Important Reasons That Affect Sperm Quality
We all know that poor sperm quality can affect reproductive function. The causes of poor sperm quality are complex and numerous, so we must understand and treat them in time. So, what are the reasons for poor sperm quality? Let’s take a look at the following article.

What are the reasons that affect sperm quality?
1. Long-term heavy smoking and drinking will affect sperm quality. Smoking and drinking can be very harmful to the human body. Tobacco and alcohol contain toxic substances to the human body, affecting sperm viability and possibly increasing sperm malformation rate.
2. The lack of microelements in the body can affect sperm quality and reduce the body's immune function. You should focus on strengthening your body’s nutrition and try to eat more deep-sea fish. Deep-sea fish is rich in zinc, and the lack of zinc in the body will reduce sperm count.
3. High temperature can affect sperm quality. During the sperm maturation period, it is suitable for a temperature of 35 to 36 degrees Celsius. Various life factors can cause the scrotum area's temperature to rise, which is not conducive to sperm growth. Long-term sedentary or liking to soak in hot springs is not conducive to a man’s sperm viability.
4. Reproductive infections can affect sperm quality. Diseases like prostatitis, vesiculitis, urethritis, orchitis, and epididymitis can decrease sperm quality, seriously affecting their normal reproductive function.
5. The older you are, the lower your sperm quality. Age will directly affect sperm quality. Sperm vitality and normal morphology rate will decrease with age, thus affecting male fertility. (especially after the age of 45)
So, how to improve sperm quality?
1. Treat related diseases. Varicocele, gonadal infections, and inflammatory diseases can also lead to higher sperm DNA fragmentation rates while endangering male reproductive health. Active treatment of these related diseases and the appropriate amount of vitamin E, vitamin C, and some micronutrients can effectively reduce sperm DNA fragmentation rate.
2. Adjust unhealthy habits, including sedentary, staying up late, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, and other bad lifestyles. When preparing for pregnancy, it is recommended that men quit smoking and drinking for at least 3 months.
3. Take nutrients to regulate-take vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc gluconate, high-quality protein, etc. It can provide sufficient nutrition for sperm growth, thus improving overall male sperm-making ability and sperm quality. It also has an energizing effect on men who work hard and are under stress.
4. Weight management, weight loss, and weight reduction. Overweight or obese people not only have significantly lower semen volume, sperm concentration, and total sperm count but also have elevated sperm DNA fragmentation due to chronic inflammation in the body.
5. Sperms are afraid of high temperatures, slightly lower than the human body (36-37 degrees) of 34 degrees is the most comfortable. Therefore, do not wear tight jeans and sit for a long time. Don’t get into the habit of taking a long hot bath.
In fact, poor sperm quality may also be caused by excessive sexual life. You should control your sex life frequency. Have a healthy diet, pay more attention to the health of your body and change unhealthy habits.
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