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What Happened to Yellow Semen with Blood?
In general, normal male semen is grayish-white or slightly yellow. But some men discharge yellow semen. What happened to them?

There are two leading causes of sperm yellowing: physiological and pathological reasons. Yellow semen can be caused by various physiological factors, including having rare sex or having no sex for a long time, along with eating spicy and greasy food. And reproductive infection disease, sperm deformity, sperm agglutination, and other pathological factors also cause yellow sperm.
If a man has not had sex for a long time, the concentration of semen will be higher, and the semen will appear yellow temporarily.
If you like to eat sour, spicy, fried, and other stimulating food, your sperm can also turn yellow. In contrast, eating more bland vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C can help prevent sperm from turning yellow.
Besides, if men have prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, you can also see yellow sperm. Once inflammations occur in their prostates and seminal vesicles, bacteria irritate sperm, causing lower sperm quality, and turning their sperm yellow. 
Sperm malformation also leads to yellow sperm, and the structure of malformed sperm is abnormal. As the abnormal sperm in seminal fluid exceed 20%, the sperm will become yellow.
The presence of sperm antibodies makes sperm aggregated, and the seminal vesicle has no liquefaction. As a result of the condition, the sperm will turn yellow.
Other individuals say that their semen is red, is this also a problem?
In the clinic cases, blood semen seems to be unfamiliar. The blood semen appears among teenagers and older men, but there is no specific data on the condition.
Hemospermia is marked by blood in the semen during ejaculation, which may be accompanied by pain during ejaculation, lower sexual desire, premature ejaculation, perineal pain, and discomfort. There is blood in urine before and after ejaculation.
For a long time, you don't ejaculate, but once you start to ejaculate, you become prone to hemospermia and other symptoms. This condition lasts for a short time and is easy to relapse.
The appearance of blood semen shows that your urinary system has inflammation. Many cells and white blood cells in the seminal plasma mixed with pus. The male function will also be affected under the circumstance, causing them hard to have sex.
Semen with blood, known as hemospermia, can be seen in seminal vesiculitis. Most of them are caused by epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, and urethritis. 
The state of semen is an essential standard of male health. It's not terrible when they discharge yellow semen. As long as they receive professional and regular treatment immediately, the color of semen can restore to normal.
For the treatment of these diseases, the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is your right choice.
Routine semen examination is crucial to determine whether they have infertility problems. You will understand the color, number, motility, and structures through the test.
One semen test, however, can not accurately reflect the actual state of semen. So the World Health Organization explicitly requires two semen tests in a row within two weeks to ensure accurate result.
There are several ways to prevent males from discharging yellow semen with blood.
1. A balanced diet
A healthy diet, especially vegetables and fruits, can benefit people with yellow and blood semen. And food with high zinc (like oysters) is vital to enhance sperm quality.
2. No smoking and no alcohol
Smoking is terrible for your lungs and sperm, and second-hand smoking can also affect your wife. Drinking alcohol can cause abnormalities in up to 70 percent of men's sperm, leading to stunted babies.
3. Taking more exercise
Moderate exercise can improve the overall performance of the body. It also visibly increases the activity of sperm. However, you are expected to avoid long-term and strenuous workouts.
4. Get regular rest
Regular rest can refresh you after waking up, and it can also build up your body's resistance to stay away from abnormal sperm.
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