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3 Reasons May Contribute to Male Infertility, Get Active Treatments
It is understood that many men have infertility in their lives. After the occurrence of infertility, men are usually very worried. Because they lose the ability to procreate, men cannot have their offspring, which generally destroys family harmony. Therefore, after male infertility, it is necessary to find out the cause first and improve it through reasonable treatment.

So, how can male infertility be caused?
1. Genital tract infection
Male infertility may be related to genital tract infection. Some common diseases are urethritis, orchitis, epididymitis, and prostatitis. In addition to causing adverse symptoms, they can also seriously reduce male fertility. If these diseases are not treated in time, it may lead to male infertility. Therefore, men need to pay attention to their health. Once they are aware of these genital tract infections, they must take reasonable treatment measures as soon as possible.
Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for urethritis, orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, and other common reproductive system infections. It acts on the whole urogenital system, can eliminate inflammation, and prevent inflammation from spreading to other parts to avoid more severe effects.
2. Chromosomal abnormality
Male infertility may be related to chromosomal abnormalities. Some men have pseudohermaphroditism and chromosomal abnormalities, which will lead to obstacles in male testicular spermatogenesis. In this way, men do not have normal sperm production, sperm can not combine with female eggs, and infertility occurs. Therefore, when chromosomal abnormalities are found, male infertility usually occurs.
3. Testicular spermatogenesis dysfunction
Men who have infertility may be related to abnormal testicular spermatogenesis function. The testis is an essential male reproductive organ. If there is orchitis, viral orchitis, varicocele, and other conditions, it may lead to physical disorders in the male testis. In this way, men are prone to infertility if they do not have normal mental generation.
What should men do to prevent infertility?
1. Reasonable diet
In life, if men want to prevent infertility effectively, they need to pay attention to dietary issues because the lack of nutrition will also lead to the decline of males' ability to produce sperm. In ordinary times, men need to combine healthy food and drink all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body to meet the nutritional needs of the body so that they can effectively promote physical health.
2. Avoid sitting too long
If men want to avoid declining fertility, they should exercise regularly and avoid sitting still for a long time. Because the temperature of the scrotum rises when people sit still for a long time, and high temperature is also a factor that destroys the quality of sperm vitality. Therefore, in ordinary times, men need to actively participate in sports to enhance their physical fitness and promote their health through good sports.
It can be seen that male genital tract infection, chromosome abnormalities, testicular spermatogenesis dysfunction, etc., may lead to male infertility. To avoid these situations, men need to have an appropriate diet and avoid sitting for a long time to reduce the incidence of infertility.
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