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Can Abstinence Cause Sperm to Turn Yellow?
Abstinence is the strict suppression of the desire for sex and abstinence from sexual activity. The theory and practice of abstinence exist in the East, the West, ancient and modern times, whether it is because of personal physical and mental health, religious customs, family, and social reasons. If a man has not ejaculated for a long time, there will be a yellow color of sperm in the first sex life. It is mainly due to a long time without sex. 

When sperm is in the male body for a long time, sperm concentration occurs. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and no treatment is needed. Long-term abstinence will lead to the yellowing of sperm, but the yellow sperm may also be caused by prostatitis and other diseases.
Normal sperm can be yellowish or grayish-white, usually cloudy, and can be seen mixed with small transparent particles in the newly discharged sperm. It's a component of sperm that hasn't been liquefied yet. The color of sperm usually has a lot to do with the frequency of ejaculation. If ejaculation is frequent, the color will become light and even transparent. 
Besides, the number of sperm contained will gradually decrease. Usually, the sperm will turn yellow after more than three days of abstinence, but the yellowing of sperm is not always the result of thick sperm or sperm in a large quantity.
Pathologically, sperm can turn yellow for the following reasons:
1. The yellowing of sperm may be caused by seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, and cystitis, etc., and this can be routinely examined by testing sperm. Seminal vesicle tumors or ejaculatory duct cysts and other diseases can also result in the yellowing of sperm. Patients need to undergo a pelvic MRI or a cystoscopy to confirm further.
2. The yellowing of sperm may also be caused by taking special food or medicine. For example, after taking a medicine that can lead to reproductive tract bleeding or coagulation disorder for a long time, some patients may encounter an abnormal coagulation function of the vas deferens. In this case, the sperm color becomes darker, yellow and hematospermia also appears.
3. Sperm malformation may cause the yellowing of sperm. Abnormal sperm can account for 20% of all sperm, including abnormal head, body, and tail morphology or mixed deformity of head and body. But don't be too alarmed by the malformation of sperm. Almost every man has dysplastic abnormalities in his sperm every time he ejaculates. And as long as the rate is low, the situation does not interfere with normal conception. However, this problem can also make the sperm color yellow. Thus, it is suggested that one can go to test sperm malformation rate in time.
Can the yellowing of sperm be treated? What kind of treatment is the most effective with the least side effect?
For the yellowing of sperm caused by physiological reasons, do not worry. With regular and timely ejaculation, the color of sperm will return to normal white or milky white. Young men generally need to ejaculate at least once a week.
Patients should take it seriously for yellowing of sperm caused by pathological reasons. Patients can go to the hospital for a detailed physical examination and determine whether they have caught a particular disease. Patients need timely medical treatment and avoid the disease from developing from a minor one to a serious one. 
Patients can also take traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. Its effects of clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood, relieving pain, being diuretic, and drenching can help cure various inflammations. After giving dialectical medication according to patients' overall situation, cloudy fluid discharges in the human body can be drained and the color of sperm can return to normal. If the inflammations in the body are gone, the symptoms of yellowing sperm will naturally be eliminated.
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