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What Does Red Semen Mean? Alert Your Health!
The color of a man's semen can indicate whether he is healthy or not. Many men are frightened and overwhelmed when they find that their semen has turned red. Red semen is the presence of red blood cells, or blood, in the semen. According to male urological experts, don't panic first when there is blood in the semen. It is primarily due to inflammation. Generally speaking, patients need to find the cause of the red semen and carry out the targeted treatment. Most of the cases can recover.

Red semen, commonly referred to as hemospermia is one of the disorders of the male reproductive system. The disease is mostly manifested as bloody semen during sexual intercourse, painful ejaculation, loss of libido, and other symptoms. It is mostly caused by seminal vesiculitis. It is often complicated with prostatitis, and the route of infection is mostly the direct spread of urethral and prostate infection, followed by lymphatic and bloodstream infection. 
As a result of bacterial invasion, the inflammatory stimulation causes the seminal vesicles to be engorged with blood. During sexual intercourse, the smooth muscle and blood vessels contract, resulting in many red blood cells and pus cells mixed in the semen.
Blood in semen is only a symptom rather than a disease, so it is essential to find the underlying cause. Normal semen is milky white, off-white, or yellowish. Patients should go to a regular hospital to identify the cause and carry out the symptomatic treatment. Patients tend to discharge bloody semen after sexual intercourse, accompanied by mild pain in the perineum, perianal area, or lower abdomen.
If blood in the semen occurs only occasionally and no specific changes are found after examination, this may be due to bleeding from the rupture of microscopic small blood vessels during sexual intercourse caused by acute congestion and mechanical collision in some tissues. People can be fully recovered by suspending intercourse for a week or two. So, they do not need to be alarmed by this occasional blood in semen.
Hemospermia can be diagnosed if persistent blood in the semen is found. 90% of semen with blood is caused by inflammation. And most of the bleeding due to inflammation comes and goes and does not last long. It is recommended to take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for symptomatic treatment, which does not produce resistance and can kill various kinds of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases of the male reproductive system. The effects of the treatment are significant after it is tested by clinical practices.
If the semen is bright red, light red, or dark red and contains many red blood cells, it is hemospermia. This often indicates non-specific inflammation of the prostate and seminal vesicles; hemospermia caused by tumors is relatively rare and is persistent and gradually aggravated. Hemospermia can occasionally be caused by tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, systemic hematologic diseases, or the combination of anticoagulant drugs, and all these cases should be treated for the corresponding primary diseases.
What are the general factors that may trigger hemospermia?
Injuries: Mostly iatrogenic factors. Urological examinations and operations may cause injuries to the scrotum and other body parts, thus triggering the disease.
Sexual life abnormalities: Persistent behavior, prolonged sexual abstinence, excessive sexual desire, and other sexual behaviors can induce hemospermia.
This disease has no obvious and typical symptoms in its early period. Therefore, for the sake of men's health, it is recommended that male patients abstain from sex, avoid excessive sex life, pay attention to personal hygiene and prohibit unclean sexual intercourse. Patients should eat less spicy and stimulating foods. 
If relevant symptoms appear, for example, change of semen color, semen mixed with blood, decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation, initial or final hemospermia of semen, vague swelling and pain in the perineum, scrotum, lower abdomen, inner thighs, and pain in the sexual organs during ejaculation, patients should be vigilant and go to the hospital for consultation and treatment promptly so as not to develop into a severe illness.
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