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Is Yellow Semen Healthy? When to Worry about the Semen Color
The color of a man's semen is associated with his health status. Usually, doctors will determine the health of a man's genitourinary system to some extent based on the color of semen. Normally, male semen is milky or off-white, translucent, viscous, and semi-fluid in a homogeneous state. If the color of semen changes, it may indicate a specific health condition in men. So when men find their semen turning yellow, they should go to the hospital for an examination to find the cause and solve the problem.

Semen consists of sperm and seminal plasma, of which sperm makes up about 5%, and the rest is seminal. It contains water, fructose, protein, fat, and many enzymes and inorganic salts. If the sperm is yellow, it must be treated differently in different situations.
If the patients have not had sex for a long time or abstain, the sperm may be yellowish when first ejaculated, in which case yellow semen is normal. To solve this problem, what the patients need to do is have regular semen emissions. The patients should ejaculate at least once a week.
Besides, what are the other reasons for producing yellow semen?
1. Semen concentration
If men's ejaculation intervals are too long, the phenomenon of semen concentration happens. The result is that the semen becomes concentrated and yellow. The color of older men's semen is grayish yellow or dark yellow, which is the result of semen concentration caused by long-term lack of release.
2. Semen is not liquefied
In adult men, semen begins to liquefy after 5 to 20 minutes of discharge. If semen does not liquefy within 60 minutes, the diagnosis of semen indigestion is made. When semen does not liquefy, the semen may also be yellow.
2. Inflammatory infection
Men with inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, such as urethritis, prostatitis, epididymitis, etc., may have a change in semen due to invasion and infection by pathogenic bacteria, leading to the result that semen is yellow.
3. Chronic diseases
In men with chronic liver and kidney disease and other diseases, their semen changes to yellow.
4. Other reasons
If the patients take certain medications for a long time or ingest a large number of certain foods for a short time, it may also change the color of urine or semen to yellow, such as Rifampin, Rhubarb, Phenolphthalein and other medicine, and fried and barbecued foods.
When the patients have yellow semen, it is recommended that they go to a regular hospital for an examination, usually a routine semen test, to rule out any inflammation in the body, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, testicular lesions, etc. Whether yellow semen is healthy depends on the patient's specific situation.
Therefore, when men find their semen yellow, they should not worry too much nor leave it alone. They should first rule out physical factors causing semen to turn yellow. If sexual life and ejaculation are normal, and if they are not taking medications that can cause semen to turn yellow, patients should be alert to whether yellow semen is a signal from inflammation in their bodies.
If yellow semen is caused by inflammation, in addition to taking anti-inflammatory medicine prescribed by the doctor, the patients can take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can act on the whole urinary and reproductive system simultaneously, helping eliminate inflammation, clear heat, detoxify the body, promote diuresis and treat stranguria. It can kill different kinds of bacteria and viruses, and pathogens, such as mycoplasma and chlamydia, causing diseases of the male genitourinary system and has a good clinical effect.
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