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Abnormal Yellow Urine in Men? Why?
Compared to women, men do not pay much attention to their physical condition, and it is easy to ignore some subtle changes in the body, thus missing the best time to treat the disease. For example, "urine" is easily overlooked by men, not knowing that in the medical world, urine has always been known as a "health barometer." By observing the number and color of urine, the doctor can make a preliminary judgment on certain diseases.

The organ producing urine in the human body is mainly the kidney. After urine is produced, it will be discharged into the bladder. When it accumulates to a certain amount, urine will be produced and eventually removed from the body. In general, the color of the urine released by a healthy person should be light yellow and transparent, and there should be no impurities.
However, urine is, after all, composed of excess water and metabolic waste in the body, so problems with either diet, water, or medication problems can affect the color of urine, causing it to appear abnormally yellow. For example, drinking too little water, eating a lot of food containing yellow pigments, etc., can change the color of urine. However, this change is transient, and there are no other symptoms of physical discomfort. After stopping the medication and resuming water intake, the color of the urine will gradually become normal. These are physiological causes and should not be a concern.
However, if men notice abnormal yellow color in their urine and the symptoms are not relieved no matter how much they change their drinking water and diet, it may be related to some diseases.
Generally speaking, abnormal yellowing of urine in men can be caused by these possible reasons.
1. If there is an acute fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, there may be abnormal yellow urine. This is because much of the water in the body is excreted in sweat or feces, resulting in a decrease in the amount of water in the body,  so the urine will become concentrated and yellow.
2. If there is an infection of the urinary tract, a yellowish color may be seen. Besides, there will be irritating symptoms such as frequent and urgent urination and discomfort in urination. A routine urinalysis can reveal a significant increase in the white blood cell count and the bacterial count, leading to a deepening of the color caused by the infection.
3. Patients with liver or biliary tract disease may find yellow urine. Patients can have elevated bilirubin levels and increased bilirubin levels excreted through the kidneys, and their urine will appear yellowish. Liver function and biliary tract disorders need to be checked.
In case of urinary tract infections, patients can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can eliminate the symptoms of inflammation associated with the male urinary tract in the patient's body, such as urinary tract infections, with remarkable effects and without causing harm to the body.
Yellow urine in men is mainly related to the above factors. In most cases, yellow urine is caused by the lack of water in the body, especially on hot days. The weather is really hot, and the water consumption of the human body is faster. If men do not have timely replenishment of water, urine color will naturally change. However, if the urine is still yellow despite regular hydration, men need to be alert and check it in time.
Different reasons can cause so abnormal yellowing of urine in men. The first thing to do is to check if water intake is enough. It is recommended to drink more than 1500ml a day. If men drink regular water, they should see if they have eaten food or medication that can cause urine yellowing. 
If neither, men should pay attention to whether they have other symptoms, such as frequent, urgent, painful urination, etc. If men have these symptoms or other physical discomfort, go to the doctor in time for the relevant examination. Do not avoid the treatment, causing minor problems to drag into a significant disease.
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