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4-Step Checklist to Healthy and Fertile Sperm
Sperm quality is related to a man's ability to conceive new life, so every man is particularly concerned about the health of his sperm. Previously, some couples had infertility, and everyone thought that was the wife's problem. But, nowadays, more and more infertility is caused by poor sperm quality in men, which makes it extremely difficult for the woman to conceive. Many men are confused about the quality of their sperm. Today I will tell you four identification methods. I hope to help you.

Four criteria to determine sperm quality.
If you go to the hospital to have your sperm checked, the report will judge the quality of your sperm by four main indicators: semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm motility and sperm morphology.
1. Semen volume
I don't know if you have heard such a sentence: the change in quantity can change the quality. A healthy, normal man ejaculates about 2 to 7mL of semen at a time. More than 7 milliliters is considered excessive semen volume, a condition in which the sperm concentration is relatively low and easy to flow out of the vagina, reducing the total sperm count. Less than 2mL is too little semen volume. At this time, the semen and the female reproductive tract contact area are small, or the thick semen is not conducive to sperm into the cervical opening, it will result in infertility.
2. Sperm concentration

Among the many sperm, although only one can successfully combine with the egg, there must be enough sperm. Normally, sperm concentration above 15 million sperm per mL is considered normal. If the sperm concentration <20 million/mL is oligospermia, between 5 and 10 million/mL is moderate oligospermia, less than 5 million/mL is severe oligospermia, and no sperm in the semen is necrospermia.
3. Sperm vitality
For standard sperm, the sum of level 3 and level 4 should exceed 50%, and at least 25% of the active sperm should be in straight and fast motion. 
If grade 0, 1, and 2 sperm exceed 50% and grade 4 less than 25%, it is low sperm motility.
Mild low sperm motility: Refers to grade A+B sperm more than 30%, less than 50% or grade A sperm more than 10%, less than 25%.
Moderate low sperm motility: Refers to grade A+B sperm more than 30%, but less than 50%, with grade A sperm less than 10%.
Severe low sperm motility: This means the number of grade B + grade C sperm is less than 30%, of which grade A sperm is zero.
When sperm motility is low, sperm are unable to move forward and have difficulty crossing the cervical canal and uterine cavity and reaching the fallopian tube to unite with the egg, thus causing low fertility or even infertility in men.
4. Sperm morphology

The percentage of normal sperm morphology needs to be >4%, and a sperm normal morphology ratio of <4% is abnormal. If the head of the sperm is larger or smaller and the tail appears curled, it is called deformed sperm. Only if the percentage of normal sperm is >4% can normal conception be guaranteed. Otherwise, it may lead to fetal malformation and prevent normal conception.
What should you do if you get sick?
Once they get sick, many people are confused and don't know what to do. But I'm here to warn you not to panic. After passing the above four tests, if the problem is found, the best thing to do is to get early treatment and receive professional medical treatment. 
You can also choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, clearing heat and dampness, soothing the liver and Qi, and detoxifying the carbuncle. It helps treat weak sperm, oligospermia, necrospermia, etc.
Improving sperm quality is also closely related to nutrients. So which nutrients are the most effective?
1. Good protein
Protein is an essential component of cells and raw material for semen production. Sufficient quality protein can improve the quantity and quality of sperm.
2. Vitamins
Eating more foods containing high vitamins to improve the quality of sperm survival is very helpful. You can choose some seasonal fruits and vegetables according to different seasons.
3. Foods that contain zinc
Zinc deficiency in men can lead to decreased sexual desire and sexual function, and zinc promotes spermatogenesis and improves sperm quality. Therefore, men can eat more zinc-rich foods, such as oysters, milk, beef, pig liver, chicken liver, chicken, egg yolk, cereals, shellfish, peanuts, beans, potatoes and brown sugar, and so on.
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