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Making Frequent Trips to Toilet in Winter? Here's Why it Happens
Many people frequently urinate in winter, when they wear too many clothes and have too little access to the toilet. They want to know if they have some disease. Frequent urination in winter may be caused by physiological or pathological factors. It is best to do a urine test, which can visually determine whether the disease is the cause of frequent urination.

Frequent urination is a common clinical symptom. The frequency of urination refers to the number of urination in the daytime more than seven times. Cold weather in winter is easy to cause a frequency of urination, mainly due to cold stimulation, resulting in human sympathetic nerve excitement. When the sympathetic nerve excitement is enhanced, it is easy to cause increased urination times, resulting in a frequency of urination.
At the same time, the weather is colder in winter, and there is less sweating. Water in the body will also increase, which can only be metabolized by urine, so urine volume and the number of urination can increase. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. By the same token, in the summer, people sweat a lot and may urinate less frequently, which is also normal. 
Also, if people drink a lot of water over some time, they may have frequent urination. Patients do not need to worry too much about this condition and do not need special treatment.
But frequent urination in winter can also be a health warning from a body that needs to be taken seriously. If patients have other symptoms except for frequent urination, there are urgent urination, urine pain, hematuria, and other discomfort symptoms. It may be due to the occurrence of urogenital tract infections. For example, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, and urinary calculi easily cause frequent urination.
When people have infectious diseases of the urogenital tract due to bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms in the urethra, prostate, bladder, and other parts of the mass reproduction and growth, patients will show inflammatory irritants in the bladder. These irritants keep stimulating the bladder, resulting in the bladder producing non-stop contraction. If the contraction is too frequent, the patient will need to urinate all the time, resulting in frequent urination.
Urinary calculi caused by frequent urination is mainly stone falling into the ureter in the middle and lower segment when the calculi in the ureter in the middle and the lower part will cause bladder contraction. This situation will have symptoms of frequent urination. 
It may also be because the stones rub inside the ureter, causing inflammation of the bladder, which can also cause frequent urination. After the calculi are discharged from the ureter to the bladder, continuous bladder mucosa stimulation can lead to frequent urination symptoms.
In addition, when the cold is heavy, patients with insufficient Yang will also have frequent urination. Especially for patients with kidney Yang deficiency are afraid of cold in winter and are accompanied by waist acid trapped and other symptoms. Of course, these people may also have signs of urinary tract infection or other reproductive system inflammation.
When patients have infectious diseases of the urogenital tract, the herbal medicine Diuretic, and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice. It can act on the whole urinary and reproductive system at the same time to eliminate inflammation. It is convenient and effective and will not harm the body.
Frequent urination in winter seems insignificant, but there may be a big disease behind it. Men should pay enough attention to it and carefully observe their health. It's always better to ask the doctor if men are not feeling well. 
At the same time, men should eat less stimulating foods, drink more hot water, increase the amount of exercise, strengthen immunity, etc. These are good for the prevention and treatment of various diseases in winter.
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