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Ask the Doc: Does Watery Semen Affect Fertility?
Some men have this question: is there a problem if their semen is watery? From the doctor's point of view, a normal man's semen is sticky when it first comes out. If sex is too frequent or masturbates excessively, sperm will change like water. Generally, this situation can be recovered after about 3 days of abstinence. 

However, there may also be diseases. So, it is recommended that you check before you know for sure. Before an exam, let's first understand whether watery semen can affect fertility?
What does good quality sperm look like?
Normal male ejaculation volume is 2-6 ml at a time, with an average of 3.5 ml. Semen volume <2 ml is oligospermia; semen volume > 6 ml is polyspermia.
Normal semen is a milky white or milky yellow, semi-fluid liquid.
If you haven't released yourself for too long, it may be light yellow;
If it is white or yellow clear, it may be azoospermia;
If it is bright red, light red, dark red, and contains a large number of red blood cells, then it is hemospermia.
Is it normal for sperm to be like water?
If you have sex too often or masturbate excessively, sperm will change like water. Generally, this situation can be recovered after about 3 days of abstinence.
However, if chronic seminal vesiculitis is present, relevant treatment is required to recover. In addition, diseases such as epididymitis, orchitis, and obstruction of the ejaculate can also occur when the semen ejected is like water, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for differential diagnosis in a timely manner.
Also, thin semen can cause sperm survival rate, sperm activity, etc., which affects fertility.
Therefore, once this situation occurs, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for routine semen tests. After clarifying the cause, symptomatic treatment is performed to avoid affecting fertility. For abnormal semen problems caused by male reproductive system diseases, such as epididymitis, orchitis, and prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be selected for treatment. It removes the watery symptoms of semen and also increases male fertility.
Note: Whether the quality of sperm is up to standard should not be determined with the naked eye; instead, a semen quality test should be performed. If the sperm quality test results show that the density, motility, and viability of the sperm are normal, the sperm quality is up to standard, so there is no need to worry too much.
What should men do to improve sperm quality?
Nowadays, many people work under a lot of pressure and are under a lot of mental stress. They usually need to relieve their mood appropriately to improve their immunity and protect their bodies well.
Don't face a computer or phone for a long time. It is bad for the skin, and it may also penetrate some of the organs and affect fertility.
In normal times, you should rest properly and do activities appropriately. Regardless of the season, if you have enough time, try to walk as much as possible, and don't commute to work by car. Run in the morning, and ventilate the room during normal times.
Maintaining an optimistic mood is also important. Staying mentally nervous for a long time is likely to cause endocrine disorders, leading to infertility, which seriously affects physical and mental health.
Reminder: Infertility in men can be reflected on their own bodies, so you should always pay attention to observation and you can detect and treat them early and control the condition in a timely manner.
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