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How Can Infertile Men Have Healthy Babies?

In addition to genetic and organic diseases of some organs, male infertility is closely related to life habits. If males can understand or overcome these bad habits in daily life, at least they can reduce or avoid infertility. Sperm is a nutrient in the male body, and it is an organic matter. Sperm motility affects the chances of successful conception. So, what factors destroy sperm motility and reduce human fertility? Experts say a few things you need to know to protect your sperm.


What are the methods to protect the health of male sperm?


1. Don't smoke or drink 

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which reduces the production of sex hormones and kills sperm. And alcohol can also cause sperm to become stunted or immobile. If men drink heavily for a long time, it can cause damage to spermatogenic cells and affect sperm production.


2. Exercise properly 

Exercise keeps the body healthy, and the sperm produced by the healthy body is good. But avoid doing intense exercise, and it is better not to be too tired. You should wear loose clothes when you exercise to help heat rejection.

3. Keep away from radiation such as cell phones, computers, etc 

Men should refrain from playing on computers and using mobile phone calls for a long time. Microwaves produced by these communications devices have a significant effect on sperm. If long-term use can reduce sperm count or cause sperm malformation.

4. Avoid partial eclipse 

The growth of sperm requires a variety of nutrients. If men have a partial eclipse habit, and especially do not like to eat green food, it will cause nutritional imbalance resulting in malnutrition. This, in turn, affects sperm production and quality. Therefore, men should eat more milk, eggs, lean meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

5. Be in a good mood 

If the male is often in tension, depression, and other mental states, it will make the endocrine function and testicular spermatogenesis function in an unstable state, which will make the sperm weakened. So you should always be in a good mood.

6. Stay away from high temperatures 

Go to the sauna or hot bath sparingly. While this type of bath is comfortable and refreshing, it can cause your sperm count and quality to decrease.

7. Don't cycle long distances 

When riding a bicycle, the seat can compress the urethra, scrotum, and perineum. If you ride for a long time, you can make the perineum congested, thus affecting the spermatogenic function of the testicles.

8. Hormone-free 

Hormones can affect the quality of sperm, so please men must avoid hormones, such as female cosmetics, food containing hormones, sexual health products, etc.


9. Wear loose clothes 

Guys should always wear loose, well-made clothes. Don't wear skinny jeans. This is because skinny jeans can interfere with blood circulation in the testicles, affecting the production and quality of sperm.


10. Preserve moral integrity 

Male friends must preserve moral integrity. If you have an STD, be sure to treat it thoroughly before you consider having a baby. If you find other abnormalities in your reproductive organs, please go to the hospital as soon as possible.




Many males ignore their health conditions due to busy work, so reminding them to check up regularly is essential.

Men who smoke and drink alcohol should be tested before attempting to conceive. And try to stop smoking and drinking as much as possible, which is an essential prerequisite for having a healthy baby.

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