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Don't Blame Women for Fertitity: Men with Poor Fertility should See If There are 6 Commonalities

In trying to get pregnant, the strength of fertility seems to be a woman's problem. However, having children is a matter of two people, and whether or not to have a successful pregnancy has much to do with male fertility.


Many couples have not been pregnant for a long time, and when they go to the hospital for an examination, they find that the lack of male fertility causes it.

Because the strength of fertility is not directly manifested, even if there are characteristics, it is easy to be confused with other physical abnormalities, so it often tends to be found during physical examination.

What are the common characteristics of men with poor fertility?

1. Improper Living Habits

Some men have weak fertility, which has a lot to do with bad living habits, such as staying up late.

Staying up late can lead to excessive tension of the sympathetic nerves, constriction of the arteries supplying the penis, and reduced blood supply to the cavernous body, resulting in symptoms such as weak penile erection and premature ejaculation. If it is not improved in time, it will inevitably affect male fertility.

Secondly, if the diet is not reasonable, it will also have a certain impact on fertility. Many men have the habit of smoking and drinking, tobacco and alcohol contain a variety of toxic substances, which will not only hurt the lungs and liver but also affect the reproductive organs. Data show that men who smoke and drink a lot are several times more likely to suffer from reproductive diseases than others.

2. Poor Physical Fitness

Clinical experience shows that many men with poor physical fitness tend to have worse fertility than those who are physically fit. If men often take medicine, drips, or if the body is always in a sub-healthy state, the quantity and quality of sperm will be affected, and fertility will naturally be greatly reduced.

3. Life Stress

As men, many of them are the pillars of their families, and they bear a lot of pressure from work and life. When the pressure is too great, the internal friction on the body is serious. Excessive stress can easily lead to endocrine disorders. When endocrine disorders occur, they can have a direct impact on the testicles, resulting in decreased gonadal function. If men lack male hormones in adulthood, symptoms such as loss of libido and premature ejaculation will occur.

4. Too Little Exercise

The amount of exercise is also a major factor affecting male fertility. If you usually have no time and energy to exercise, your physical quality and strength are not as good as other people's. Generally speaking, men with strong fertility tend to enjoy exercise and have great physical strength. Such men tend to have better sperm quality and quantity than those who lack exercise, and the process of conception will go more smoothly.

5. Suffering from Certain Diseases

If a man has a reproductive tract disease, his fertility will naturally be affected. Many conditions can affect fertility, such as prostatitis, orchitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, varicocele, adrenal disease, and testicular congenital development disorders.

6. Older Age

From the perspective of genetics, the best reproductive age for men is 30-35. At this stage, men are mature in mind, rich in life and social experience, and can accept eugenics. But beyond this age, men's various functions will also decline, and the quality of sperm will also be affected. For example, the probability of abnormal sperm will be higher than that of other age groups.

When women are not pregnant for a long time, sometimes it may also be caused by the poor fertility of men. Suppose men want to determine whether they have these defects in addition to judging whether they have these characteristics. In that case, it is better to go to the hospital for relevant examinations so they can also improve and recuperate in time.

If some diseases cause it, you should seek medical advice in time to avoid more serious conditions.

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