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How Frequent Is Sex Good for the Prostate?

Both men and women have lots of testosterone and estrogen in their bodies, especially young people. When produced in excess, they stimulate hormones in the body, which is why most young couples, those in love, strongly desire sex.


And proper sex can also improve the feelings of the couple, also can let the body secrete more of these hormones, and enhance the body's resistance and immunity, so that the couple's body becomes more healthy. But for men, how often does it take to sex to help the prostate?

How frequent is sex good for the prostate?

Everyone's physical constitution is different. Especially at different ages, the body's production of this hormone is also different. So the need for sex can vary, especially for young people still in good health. Three to five times a week is acceptable, but not more than five times. Otherwise, it is excessive sex, which is bad for our bodies and physical health. 

And for some middle-aged and elderly couples, a week about 1~2 times is good, not too frequent. This can affect the health of a man's prostate and can cause damage to the prostate as he ages.

Benefits of sex for men's prostate:

1. Prevent prostate disease 

No matter at what age, the process of proper sex will increase the secretion of some estrogen and androgens in the body, which can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, and help our bodies become healthier. At the same time, some fluids produced during proper sex can also prevent male prostate disease caused by bacteria proliferation.


But if there is no sex for a long time, the male desire may not get an effective release, thus reducing the quality of the male sperm. If too frequent, it may easily lead to long-term prostate congestion and induce bacteria, which is not conducive to the health of the male reproductive system.


2, Promote androgen secretion 

Sex can ease the fatigue and tension of the day and improve the relationship between two people as a couple. And in sex, it will let the male brain in a state of excitement. This state makes the male mood more comfortable and improves the secretion of some hormones. 


3, Protect prostate 

Regular ejaculation in mature men can help remove the buildup of prostatic fluid in the prostate. Every ejaculation is 1/5 sperm and 4/5 semen, which includes a lot of prostatic fluid. If there is no ejaculation for a long time, the prostate will accumulate old prostate fluid. But it's important to note that sex can't be over. Because frequent sex causes the penis to chronic congestion, resulting in an enlarged prostate and chronic prostatitis.


Sex can reduce the burden on a man's kidneys. It makes men more masculine. At the same time, for middle-aged and older men, proper sex can also ease the speed of aging. After sex, the body can increase the production of this androgen to reduce aging after nourishing the organs.


Conclusion: Proper sex is very helpful and is beneficial for both people to be physically and mentally healthier. Sex is an integral part of family life, and sexual harmony is the premise of harmonious family life. So that's it for today. Do you have any different opinions?

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