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Everything Is Alive in Spring: Beware of Male Diseases

As the temperature rises in spring, everything grows, and bacteria and viruses multiply. At the same time, people are more likely to cause diseases because they spend more time outdoors. Since the beginning of spring, rising temperatures and persistent humidity have led to a sharp increase in male diseases.


Because in the rainy season, the human body is accessible to culture bacteria. If men ignore hygiene, it is easy to produce a variety of moss, and if it is in the genital area, it will cause urinary system infection.

What male diseases can men easily get in spring?

1. Phimosis or long prepuce. Because the foreskin is too long or can't turn up during phimosis, the sebum accumulates in the space between the inner surface of the foreskin and the head of the penis. At the same time, urine will penetrate this space and have a chemical reaction with the sebum, which will turn the foreskin into the foreskin scale and produce a strong odor. Long-term accumulation of foreskin will cause hard lumpy. Therefore, the most direct way to eradicate the disease is to remove the foreskin.

The Foreskin scale is a kind of chemical carcinogen. Many experiments have confirmed that it has a strong carcinogenic effect. Most patients with urinary diseases have excessively long prepuce or phimosis. Many people are reluctant to have their foreskin removed and have to treat urinary diseases repeatedly. This long and vicious cycle causes the bacteria to go up and affects other glands in men. Normal male perineum needs ventilation because the rainy day is wet, and long-time sitting will make cold and damp air flow through the perineum and stay in it.

Spring is the season with a high incidence of urinary system infections. If having a long foreskin and phimosis, patients should go to a professional hospital for excise. Frequent and urgent urination, pain during urination, urethra redness, and flow of urethra mouth discharge are typical clinical symptoms of urinary tract infection, which need prompt and standard treatment in a professional hospital.

2. Infection of the genitourinary system. Genitourinary system infection is very harmful to the body, mainly characterized by frequent and urgent urination, pain during urination, purulent secretions in the urethral mouth, and vegetation or herpes in genital parts. If not treated immediately, the disease will recur, resulting in sepsis, infertility, arthritis, and malignant changes in relevant tissues.

3. Prostatic diseases. Sitting for long periods, drinking too little water, and exercising less can reduce urination, slow metabolism, and cause prostatic conditions such as prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia. Go to a regular hospital to receive treatment to avoid affecting sexual ability and causing erectile dysfunction.

4. Sexual dysfunction. To improve sexual ability, some men will blindly take aphrodisiac drugs. It can't alleviate sexual impotence and will damage the liver and kidneys. Choosing drugs of unknown origin can also cause heart attacks. When there is sexual dysfunction, don't use drugs blindly; instead, go to a regular hospital to find out the real cause of the disease.

5. Prepuce balanitis. Poor personal hygiene or infection from a sexual partner can lead to genital balanitis, a small rash near the head of the glans with noticeable itching and pain. You can use water to clean the foreskin and glans and replace and wash your underpants frequently. For patients with long prepuce or phimosis, wear condoms when having sex to prevent bacteria from moving to the female body, which causes gynecological diseases.

How can these diseases be prevented?

Avoid sitting for long periods, eat spicy and stimulating food, and do proper exercise to strengthen your body and prevent bacteria and viruses from infecting your body. Develop good living habits, avoid having too much psychological burden, defecate regularly, and drink 2000 ml of water daily. Urinate on time and pay attention to personal hygiene. Genital organs should be cleaned before and after sex.

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