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Will Men Lose Their Fertility If They Don't Ejaculate for Too Long?

Long-term abstinence without ejaculation harms men's health and may lead to infertility. We all know that as long as the male testicle function is normal, sperm will continue to be produced. Sperm also has a lifespan. 


Suppose men do not ejaculate for a long time and do not have a normal sexual life. In that case, male semen will accumulate in the reproductive tract for a long time, which may lead to sperm death or quality decline, affecting the spermatogenesis function of male testicles, which is easy to cause male sexual dysfunction and even infertility. Therefore, proper ejaculation can relieve stress and help reduce the load on sperm storage organs.

So, in addition to the possibility of incapacity, what will impact a man if he does not ejaculate for too long?

1. If the sperm is full, it will overflow.

When men enter puberty, the testicles will constantly secrete a large amount of androgen and produce a large amount of sperm and seminal plasma to form semen. If you don't ejaculate for a long time, it will be discharged out of the body through spermatorrhea when the semen is saturated.

"If the sperm is full, it will overflow," that is, synovial semen and spermatorrhea. Synovial semen is spermatorrhea when awake, and spermatorrhea refers to spermatorrhea during sleep. If it is normal for men who do not have sex 1-2 times a month within a month, don't worry too much.

2. Heart and cerebrovascular diseases

Someone has experimented, and the final results show that a man's proper release of desire can promote blood circulation, thus avoiding blood vessel blockage and thrombosis and finally achieving the effect of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

But if men suppress their desires for a long time, there will be more and more garbage toxins in their blood vessels.

3. Chronic prostatitis

After normal ejaculation, the sexual organs fully secrete body fluids and gradually fatigue, and the blood flow in the penis returns to normal quickly.

When ejaculation is interrupted, the blood flow of the sexual organs recovers slowly and continues to be congested, which can easily induce infectious and congestive diseases of the reproductive system, such as chronic bacterial prostatitis. In addition, the seminal vesicle continues to be congested, and the capillaries in the wall of the seminal vesicles rupture, causing blood sperm.

4. It is easy to cause inflammation in the private parts.

If men don't have sex for a long time, they can't release their normal physiological needs, but sperm in the body is produced daily. If too much semen accumulates, it will block the prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymis, and other reproductive organs and even cause inflammation, increasing the risk of male infertility.

How can men improve sperm quality?

1. Develop good living habits

The quality of male sperm is related to kidney qi. Some living habits can easily lead to kidney qi deficiency, which leads to kidney deficiency, such as staying up late, excessive indulgence, etc.

These behaviors will cause pathological changes in the male kidneys, thus affecting the quality of sperm, so men must develop good living habits and get rid of all bad habits.

2. Learn to clean yourself

Men should develop good hygiene habits because their private parts are sometimes more likely to hide dirt. It is recommended to wash the foreskin and scrotum every day and avoid the following activities that last for more than two hours, such as wearing tight and breathable trousers, taking a hot bath, going to the sauna, cycling, driving, sitting on the sofa, etc. In addition, we should stay away from radioactive substances, high temperatures, car exhaust, and pesticides.

3. Quit smoking and drinking

Cigarettes contain a lot of harmful substances. People who smoke for a long time can easily cause poor semen quality and even increase the rate of sperm deformity.

Alcohol directly harms men's testicles, and heavy drinking may lead to male testicular atrophy. Of course, it will also directly affect the quality of sperm, so it is best to quit smoking and drinking.

4. Reasonable diet

Healthy sperm is inseparable from healthy and orderly daily eating habits. In particular, zinc content in the daily diet is significant. The zinc in food can ensure the activity and quantity of sperm.

Men who want to conceive the next generation can supplement sufficient zinc through a healthy diet. It is unsuitable for men to eat partial, vegetarian, and picky food. These behaviors will damage the health of sperm to a certain extent. It is recommended to have a balanced diet, which is also suitable for maintaining the body.

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