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Bladder Health: Harms of Holding Pee and Semen Retention for Men

Many people may have this bad habit of holding pee. Holding pee is a very tiny and common habit, but the impact of it on physical health is still relatively great, especially for men. This habit will bring a series of hazards and problems to the reproductive system of men.


What's the harm of holding pee for men?


First of all, cystitis will be induced. If men hold pee for a long time, it will cause the storage of a large amount of urine in the bladder, increasing the burden of the bladder. In addition, when urine is stored in the bladder, it may erode the bladder intima tissues, easily inducing inflammation over time and causing cystitis.


Secondly, it can lead to urinary retention. When holding pee for a long time, the bladder will be full for a long time, which can lead to excessive pressure on the bladder wall and weak contraction, resulting in the retention of urine, which is difficult to pass out. Especially in older people, the detrusor function will be weakened, which can lead to bladder damage and retention of urine, resulting in a series of infection problems. Urinary retention in the bladder can lead to bacterial infection, leading to the condition of the reproductive organs and affecting the patient's sexual function and genital health.


In addition, it can cause prostatitis. Prostatitis is a common male disease generally occurring in men over 40 years old, and the long-term behavior of holding pee is one of the common causes of prostatitis. Holding pee can cause the contraction of the male prostate gland, causing congestion of the gland and resulting in increased pressure on the male genital organs, which is easy to induce prostatitis.


Fourthly, holding pee can easily cause urinary tract infections. Holding pee for a long time will lead to the retention of a large amount of urine in the bladder, and the urine stored in the bladder contains a large amount of metabolic waste, which may invade the internal mucosa of the bladder. Bacteria will be bred in the bladder, resulting in urinary tract infections, urethritis, and other diseases.


About 30% of the semen is prostatic fluid, 60% is seminal vesicle fluid, and the rest 10% is epididymal fluid and urethral bulbar gland fluid. If inflammation occurs, the gland may be blocked, affecting normal secretion, causing the accumulation of the secretion, and further aggravating the inflammation.


During ejaculation, the contraction of the secretory glands will flush out the blocked glands and expel the material that is already inflamed. If someone does not eject the semen for a long time, the semen will stay in the gonad for a long time, making semen motility decline and resulting in infertility.


What's the harm of semen retention for men?


First of all, it can lead to sexual dysfunction. Sexual response is a natural process. If we interfere with or control, the sexual function will be disordered. The brain restrains semen retention, and this restraint will produce inhibitory effects, which will quickly cause sexual dysfunction. Therefore, men should not retain semen.


Secondly, cause spermatorrhea. Some people will endure in order not to eject the semen because they are afraid of losing semen. Semen is just a kind of secretion that will be expelled through semenatorrhea or urine if not through ejaculation.


Thirdly, this habit can also cause infertility. Semen retention will lead to retrograde ejaculation and infertility. If men are forced to hold the semen by hand, the semen will be forced to break through the internal bladder mouth and flow into the bladder, forming retrograde ejaculation, which will cause infertility.


Finally, it can also induce prostatitis. Semen retention will cause men to suffer from prostatitis. Taking the method of interrupting sexual intercourse to control ejaculation will prolong the time for the regression of sexual organ congestion, because of which the prostate will also suffer from congestion for a long time, resulting in non-bacterial prostatitis over time.

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