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The Whiter and Much the Semen, the Higher the Quality? Is it True?

A man's semen consists of sperm and seminal plasma. Sperm is produced by the testes, which accounts for about 5% of the total. Prostate fluid, seminal vesicle fluid, and bulbourethral gland secretions comprise seminal plasma. The primary function of seminal plasma is to provide various guarantees for spermatozoa survival, activity, and transportation. What we can see and smell intuitively is the color, amount, and taste of semen and the frequency of ejaculation.


So is it true or false that the whiter the semen, the higher the quality?


1. Color

Normally, male semen is milky white. But sometimes it is light yellow or pure white. The color difference is due to the different ratios of semen components, which has little to do with the quality of semen. It is not possible to judge the quality of semen based on its color.


2. Semen volume

Under normal circumstances, the amount of seminal discharge is 2-5ml each time. So what does less semen mean? Less than 1ml. It is more common in vesicular adenopathy or obstruction of the seminal ducts. What is too much semen? More than 8ml. It is common in various inflammations such as prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, and when abstinence is too long, high semen volume can occur. Is more semen better? NO! Just enough.


3. Smell

Normal semen has a smell that is a bit similar to heather. If it smells nothing, there is a problem, and you should seek medical attention promptly.


4. Frequency

The higher frequency does not mean "stronger". Sperm can be excreted directly from the body as soon as it is produced, and there is a seamless connection. It takes about 75 days for semen to mature, and about 2 weeks for the sperm excreted from the testicles to develop and mature within the epididymis. Therefore, giving sperm some time to develop can lead to healthier babies.


If you insist on asking how many frequencies are good? All I can say is that it is generally recommended to schedule once every 3-4 days. Too frequent, motility does not change, but semen volume decreases; too long can cause sperm to age and motility to decrease. Of course, textbooks don't teach doctors this knowledge. There are big individual differences, so it's fine to have regular sex.


So do not judge men by quantity or frequency!


Who has the final say if the semen is not healthy? Simple semen can determine whether your semen quality is up to standard. And is it suitable for pregnancy?


These men should pay particular attention to semen tests.

1. Have a bad life history

For example, men who stay up late for a long time, are exposed to radiation, or smoke and abuse alcohol are more recommended to test semen before pregnancy.

2. Failure to prepare for pregnancy

If you've been preparing for pregnancy for over a year and haven't succeeded, you'll need to be tested. Although there are reasons for both husband and wife, it is recommended to "give priority to men" and have a semen test first, as it is more convenient and economical.

3. Repeated miscarriages and fetal arrest

This may be related to too few normal forms of sperm in male semen.


4. Infection with diseases of the reproductive system

Some reproductive system diseases, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, asthenospermia, etc., can affect the quality of sperm. Early examination and treatment is recommended.


How is a semen test done?


1. No excretion for 2 to 7 days before the test

The density and vitality of semen fluctuate from day to day and are closely related to poor physical conditions such as irregular work and rest, and fatigue, so do not defecate 2-7 days before the exam, ensure adequate rest, and drain clean urine before collecting semen.


2. Self-solution

Due to the fact that ejaculation during sexual activity can easily leak out the high-quality part of the semen at the front end and easily mix with vaginal secretions, it can affect the test results. Hence, the method for on-site "self-solving" semen retrieval is preferred.


3. On-site collection and inspection

Since semen quality is easily affected by the sperm extraction environment and surrounding temperature, it is recommended that the sperm be tested on the spot as soon as possible after excretion in the sperm collection chamber.


4. A single result does not prove "no"

If it is found that the test results are not ideal, a judgment cannot be made based on the results of one test alone. Another test should be performed at 1-2 weeks intervals and repeated 2-3 times before judgment can be made.


Semen quality gradually declines as men age. The study found that the semen quality of men over 35 declined markedly compared to age 25, the DNA fragmentation rate of semen increased markedly, the success rate of conception decreased markedly, and the risk of fetal arrest and miscarriage increased in women. Therefore, men are advised to pay attention to semen quality issues early.

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