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Mango Eaten During Menses doesn't Cause Amenorrhea
There are rumors that mango can stop the bleeding and it would induce amenorrhea, and if you eat too much mango, the myoma of uterus can also be induced. In fact, this statement is unscientific. The happening of myoma of uterus has no relationship with mango. Even though the mangiferin in mango can act on the platelet specific proteins and have an inhibitory effect on the gathering of blood platelet, there is research proofing that eating mango won’t induce amenorrhea.

Mango, which can be also called Indian date or honey WangZi, is produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Taiwan and some other placed in our country. It contains abundant vitamin A, B, C, protein, carotene, folic acid and some other nutrient substances. Mango is not only a delicious fruit but also a medicine. The Modern research indicate that, the extractive of mango-mangiferin can adjust immunity, kill bacteria and virus, resist tumor and oxidation, ease pain, decrease uric acid and some other advantages.

There is no relationship between myoma of uterus and mango.

Myoma of uterus is mostly caused by the careless diet or daily life in the period or after delivery, or intemperate intercourse and fatigue, or disharmonious emotions and improper hygienism, inducing the damage of liver, spleen and kidney, depression and some other disorders of organic function, deficiency of Qi and blood, cloudy phlegm and extravasated blood and myoma of uterus if the disease lasts for a long time.

The modern research finds that, mangiferin contains flavonoids phytoestrogen such as quercetin. And the quercetin can adjust the estrogen receptor and metabolism of estrogen and make an effect on many kinds of tumor which rely on hormone such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer. The quercetin can restrain the growth of cancer cells and induce the apoptosis of them. And it has been applied in the treatment of the above tumors. Therefore, the treatment of myoma of uterus by quercetin has the prospect of application.

No matter from which point of view we consider, the western medicine or the traditional Chinese medicine, at present we can find that eating mango won’t induce myoma of uterus. Women can eat mango in moderation in the period. But you should be temperate and do not eat too much. Because the mango is cold in nature, if you eat too much or eat frozen mango, you are likely to induce the invasion of cold and slack blood circulation. At the same time, mango should be eaten at the four solar terms.

If you have acquired myoma of uterus, you can take some traditional Chinese medicine to treat it. You can use “Fuyan Pill” to treat it. This medicine is invented by Wuhan Dr.Lee, who has about 30 years of treating experience. and it is made purely of traditional Chinese herbal. the effect is evident.
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