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Chronic Inflammation Keeps Coming Back, Delaying the Chance for Conception

Maggi and her husband, from Texas, have been married for three years but have been unable to conceive a child. During the early days of their marriage, they didn't take precautions, and as a result, both developed inflammation. Maggi had vaginal inflammation, while her husband had prostatitis. Their original plan for conception was disrupted, and they realized that they needed to treat their conditions before trying to conceive.

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Inflammatory Issues, Delaying the Plan for Conception

They thought taking medication would solve the problem, but to their surprise, Maggi's vaginal inflammation kept recurring, causing further delays in their conception plan. After Maggi's inflammation was finally treated, they started trying to conceive again, but after nearly six months, they still hadn't been successful, which caused them to feel anxious. They visited a doctor who prescribed medication to regulate their bodies, hoping for a quick pregnancy. However, another six months passed with no signs of pregnancy for Maggi.

Now the couple felt that the problem was becoming more serious. After undergoing detailed examinations at a specialized hospital, they discovered that both husband and wife had fertility issues. The husband had chronic prostatitis and a non-liquefaction of sperm. Maggi, on the other hand, had fallopian tube blockage. If conditions like these are not systematically treated, it would be difficult for them to conceive even after three more years.

Non-liquefaction of sperm naturally affects normal conception and is closely related to prostatitis. The process of sperm coagulation and liquefaction is jointly completed by the secretions of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Coagulation of semen is caused by coagulation factors produced by the seminal vesicles, while liquefaction is caused by liquefying factors such as proteases produced by the prostate. When the balance between liquefaction and coagulation factors is disrupted, semen can exhibit abnormal liquefaction.

When problems occur with the prostate, such as prostatitis, it can lead to non-liquefaction of sperm. Patients with non-liquefaction of sperm may also have reproductive tract infections such as prostatitis. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo simultaneous anti-infection treatment and use medication to improve prostate secretory function to improve sperm liquefaction. If sperm cannot liquefy, it becomes impossible for the female partner to conceive. This is a pathological condition in which the sperm cannot swim, resulting in infertility.

Targeted treatment for a timely pregnancy

Chronic prostatitis is mainly characterized by pain in the pelvic region, including pain in the pelvic and sacral area, abnormal urination, and sexual dysfunction. The pain is generally located in the pubic bone, lumbosacral region, and perineum. Radiating pain may manifest as urethral, spermatic cord, testicular, inguinal, or inner abdominal pain.

Abnormal urination is manifested as frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, urinary obstruction, split urine stream, post-void dribbling, increased nighttime urination, and the presence of milky white discharge from the urethra after urination or defecation. Occasionally, there may be accompanying sexual dysfunction, including decreased libido, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, weakened erections, and impotence.

These symptoms have a significant impact on achieving pregnancy. The doctor prescribed natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for prostatitis. It alleviates the symptoms, promotes the formation of semen and improves sperm quality. For Maggi's fallopian tube blockage, the doctor recommended taking the natural medicine Fuyan Pill to improve the reproductive environment and increase the chances of natural conception.

Three months later, when they came for a follow-up examination, they recovered well. Maggi said she had successfully become pregnant in the second month of trying to conceive. Congratulations to them!

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