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What Causes a Low Semen Volume After Ejaculating? Does It Affect Fertility?

The semen volume refers to the quantity of semen expelled during a single male ejaculation. The composition of semen consists mainly of secretions from the seminal vesicle glands and prostate glands, including a small amount of fluid secreted from the urethral bulbourethral glands and the epididymis. 

Low semen volume affect fertility

According to the WHO, the amount of semen ejaculated by a man during sexual life is usually maintained in the range of 2-7ml. If it falls below or exceeds this range, it indicates a health problem in some aspect of the male body.

What causes a low semen volume after ejaculating?

1. Sexual intercourse is too frequent. The prostate and seminal vesicles are vital reproductive organs for men to secrete semen. If men have frequent sex and excessive intercourse, it will often lead to accelerated semen secretion, and semen will naturally become less. Men should abstain from sexual intercourse, with 2-3 times per week being appropriate. When the number of times is reduced, low semen will usually recover soon.

2. Long-term mental tension. Work pressure, long-term mental stress, often staying up late, overworking, and other factors may affect the number of men's semen. Men should make reasonable recuperation and adjustments to restore semen to its normal state gradually. In ordinary life, men should also focus on strengthening their diet and nutrition, regular work and rest, and appropriate physical exercise.

3. Systemic chronic wasting disease. Chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are prone to an imbalance of hormone secretion in the human body, which causes kidney deficiency and leads to reduced semen volume in men. Men should promptly diagnose the cause and seek timely treatment.

4. Localized lesions of the reproductive system. If a man has prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, varicocele, testicular abnormality, malformation of reproductive organs, vas deferens obstruction, and other diseases of the reproductive system, all of which may cause asthenospermia and affect male fertility.

Low semen volume has a certain impact on fertility, but the degree of impact can not be generalized.

1. Semen tends to be alkaline. After the semen is injected into the vagina, because the vaginal environment is acidic, if the amount of semen is too small, they can not neutralize the acidic environment in the female vagina, which is not conducive to survival and vitality.

2. The prostatic and seminal vesicle fluid components within seminal plasma can provide the energy needed for sperm motility. If the volume of semen is too low, these components cannot provide enough energy and power for the sperm. So, sperm will find it difficult to reach their destination, meet, and combine with the egg, thus affecting fertilization.

3. If the volume of semen is low, it is difficult to reach the posterior fornix of the female vagina after ejaculation to form a semen pool of sufficient capacity. This situation is not conducive to sperm penetrating the cervical mucus to reach the cervical canal and uterine cavity, which affects fertilization and pregnancy.

4. Another low semen volume due to diseases such as prostate or seminal vesicle gland dysplasia, ejaculatory duct obstruction, decreased male androgen levels, retrograde ejaculation, etc., can significantly affect fertility and cause infertility.

Low semen volume does not mean fewer sperm, and its effect on male fertility is not absolute. Patients do not have to worry too much, but they should actively go to the male department to find the reasons and take different measures for different reasons.

For too frequent sexual life, patients need to adjust their lifestyles and keep the frequency of sexual life moderate. At the same time, they need to eat a reasonable diet, quit smoking and drinking, and exercise appropriately to maintain an average weight.

For long-term mental tension, patients must work and rest regularly to maintain a relaxed, pleasant mood and peaceful state of mind. For the causes of other diseases, patients must seek treatment and actively eliminate patients as soon as possible.

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