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Why Do You Have a Bloated Feeling in Your Bladder?

The bladder is the organ inside people's bodies that stores urine and is very important to the body, but the bladder is prone to problems. Many patients have experienced bladder swelling and pain.

Bloated Bladder

Why do you have bloated feeling in the bladder?

Usually, the bladder feels bloated due to the following reasons, according to the cause of the symptomatic treatment, the specific analysis is as follows:

1. Physiological Factors: The bladder is the place where the body stores urine; if the patient does not urinate for a long time, resulting in a large amount of urine accumulated in the bladder, it may cause the phenomenon of bladder distension, accompanied by a strong desire to urinate. This normal physiological phenomenon requires no special treatment, as the symptoms can be relieved after urination.

2. Bladder Stones: Stones in the bladder may cause bladder distension when the stones enter the urethra, leading to urethral damage or blockage, causing difficulty in urination and urinary tract obstruction. Patients with this condition can be treated with medications such as Lithagogue Powder and anisodamine under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Cystitis: A bladder inflammation that irritates the bladder and may lead to urinary urgency, painful urination, accompanied by unsmooth urination, bladder distension, a strong urge to urinate, and other symptoms. In this case, patients can use azithromycin, cefaclor, and other drugs under the doctor's guidance for treatment.

4. Viral or Bacterial Infections: Although bladder pain is relatively common, it cannot be ignored. The bladder is susceptible to viral or bacterial infections, so patients should take extra care to clean their bodies and avoid soaking in public baths. If patients do not pay attention to hygiene and ignore the bladder swelling, it will lead to more severe consequences.

5. Prostate Disease: The probability of bladder pain caused by prostate disease is also very high, such as the common prostatitis; one of its symptoms is bladder pain. Prostate hyperplasia, which often occurs in middle-aged and older people, can also lead to the inability to completely discharge the urine in the bladder, thus leading to the phenomenon of pain. At this time, patients need to immediately go to a regular hospital to check, find out the cause, and receive drug treatment.

Patients can take traditional Chinese medicine treatment for bladder distension caused by prostatitis or cystitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a cure for male genitourinary disorders that invigorates blood circulation, promotes vitality, relieves pain, and induces diuresis for treating stranguria. It can effectively kill the viruses and bacteria that cause inflammation, eliminate inflammation, and restore the normal function of the bladder or prostate.


What else should patients do when they have bloated bladder?

1. Regular Checkup

Bladder distension must be the existence of unhealthy factors in the body; patients should have regular checkups to find out the cause of the problem, seek medical help in time, and return to a healthy state as soon as possible treatment.


2. Regular Diet 

After patients have bladder distension, they should pay more attention to their diet and avoid eating spicy things. The amount of water consumption should be increased to replenish enough water to help improve the acidity of urine, which can relieve bladder pain. Drinking more water, in general, can also effectively prevent other diseases.


3. Personal Hygiene

Many people have cystitis because they ignore personal hygiene. First, the patient should change clothes diligently to ensure cleanliness, and the individual also needs to bathe frequently. If the patient has bladder pain, you can use a hot water bath to reduce the pain effectively. In addition, the bedding should be changed and washed at regular intervals. The most important thing is to pay attention to clean genitals. Especially for men, it is better to urinate before sexual intercourse. 

In addition, the bedding used by the patient should be changed and washed occasionally. The most important thing is to pay attention to clean genitals. Especially for men, it is better to urinate before sexual intercourse.

Men who experience bladder distension or pain should seek medical treatment in time to avoid more severe conditions. The disease can be effectively prevented if they pay more attention to personal habits.

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