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Masturbation and Kidney Deficiency: Is Excessive Masturbation Yin or Yang Deficiency?

Masturbation is a behavior in which an individual obtains sexual pleasure by stimulating his sexual organs. Although society is still very sensitive to this behavior, appropriate masturbation is good for health. However, if you masturbate too much, it may lead to kidney deficiency, which is categorized into yang and yin deficiency. 

Masturbation and Kidney Deficiency

So, which situation does excessive masturbation belong to?

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, yin and yang are opposing and unifying concepts that are interdependent and mutually constraining to maintain the normal functioning of the human body. Yin deficiency refers to a lack of yin energy, while yang deficiency refers to a lack of yang energy. 

Characteristics of yin deficiency include irritability, palpitations and insomnia, dry mouth and tongue, and heat in the five hearts. In contrast, yang deficiency manifests in symptoms such as fatigue and weakness, fear of coldness, pallor, soreness, and weakness in the lower back and knees.

So, is excessive masturbation a Yin or Yang deficiency?

First, it should be clear that the yin and yang deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine theory is for the balance of yin and yang in the whole human body, not specifically referring to sexual behavior. Therefore, whether it is masturbation or other sexual behaviors, its impact on the human body is the result of a combination of factors. Therefore, whether masturbation will lead to yin or yang deficiency depends on the individual's physical condition, frequency and method, and other factors.

On the one hand, what belongs to the reaction of yang deficiency: For men whose yang deficiency is caused by heavy masturbation, they often have symptoms in daily life such as cold lower back and knees, cold hands and feet, and fear of cold, lack of mental energy, dizziness, hearing loss, diarrhea in the early hours of the morning, and so on. In addition, Kidney-Yang deficiency may also lead to abnormal urination, such as urinating less, urinating more frequently at night, and urinating residually.

On the other hand, what belongs to the reaction of yin deficiency: Men whose yin deficiency is caused by heavy masturbation may have yin and yang deficiency of kidney essence, which can be manifested as the patient suffering from lumbar and knee soreness, dizziness, and tinnitus, a feeling of heat in the palms, soles, and chest, hot flashes and excessive sweating, insomnia with restless dreams, dry throat, and flushed cheeks. In severe cases, it may cause spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, and other illnesses.

In addition to physical factors, psychological factors also need to be considered. Masturbation is a normal sexual behavior, but excessive masturbation may have an impact on mental health. Frequent masturbation may lead to an over-reliance on sexual behavior, weakening intimate relationships with others and leading to negative emotions such as feelings of isolation and guilt. These psychological stresses and negative emotions may also impact the overall yin and yang balance.

It should be reminded that moderate masturbation does not lead to yin or yang deficiency. This is because sexual behavior or masturbation within the normal range can promote blood circulation, enhance kidney function, and raise sex hormone levels, which are beneficial to the body. It is only when masturbation is excessive or becomes an over-dependent behavior that it can drain the body.

In addition, too frequent masturbation in men may cause repeated congestion and edema in the organs of the genitourinary system, such as the prostate and seminal vesicle glands, which in turn may lead to inflammation, such as prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, and clinically, the symptoms of pain and urination may also occur. To eliminate inflammation, patients can take oral traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and at the same time, they must quit excessive masturbation. 

For male sexual function, too frequent masturbation may also cause impact, usually more commonly have premature ejaculation, or easily cause erectile dysfunction, and then trigger the patient's psychological dysfunction.

To summarize, excessive masturbation in men will not only lead to symptoms related to kidney deficiency but also may cause inflammation of the genitourinary system. Therefore, men must quit this bad behavior. If the situation is serious, they also should consult a doctor in time, under the doctor's guidance, to give the relevant drug intervention to avoid the emergence of more severe consequences.

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