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Long-Term Abstinence in Men: Does 'Holding In' Sperm Affect the Body?

Abstinence is an ancient and widespread cultural and religious practice. In modern society, some men may choose to abstain from sex and ejaculation for long periods for certain reasons. One common concern about this behavior is that sperm will accumulate in the body and not be expelled, and whether this will hurt health.

Long-Term Abstinence

Sexual desire is innate and physiological needs are, in fact, only basic needs. Abstinence for too long and holding sperm without discharging will have a certain impact on the health of men:

1. Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction: This is a disorder of the reproductive system that prevents normal erection or shorter erection time. Abstinence for too long, the nervous system is inhibited for a long time, and the sexual function is disordered, resulting in difficulty in erection or ejaculation becoming faster, causing impotence, premature ejaculation, and even blood semen symptoms.

Loss of Sexual Desire: If long-term sexual desire is not satisfied, it will lead to men's sexual needs fading, and in severe cases, it will even make men lose interest in sex, unable to have a normal sex life and sexual frigidity.

2. Diseases of the Reproductive System

Prostate Disease: Holding semen for a long time without discharging it will leave the penis in a congested and swollen state, prostate secretions accumulate, and the body's immunity decreases, increasing the probability of inducing prostate disease, such as prostatitis and prostate hyperplasia. It is worth mentioning here that some men may also start abstaining from sex and holding their semen because of prostate diseases. 

In fact, for prostatitis, medication treatment is the most important; patients can take oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to alleviate the symptoms and then discharge the inflammatory substances through appropriate sexual behavior.

Abnormalities of the Vas Deferens: The capacity of the vas deferens is limited, too much sperm and semen accumulate in the tube, and the vas deferens are overburdened for a long time. It is easy to cause damage to the vas deferens to appear abnormal, inducing vas deferens cysts and other diseases, affecting male fertility.

3. Decreased Sperm Quality

Decline in Sperm Quality: According to research, sperm quality is best within 3-7 days of abstinence. Sperm in the male body needs to be constantly renewed, and prolonged abstinence or holding back but not discharging will make the sperm age or deterioration so that the quality of sperm drops drastically, reducing the possibility of fertilization.

Frequent Ejaculation: When abstinence is too long, semen exceeds the capacity of the seminal vesicles. As soon as it is physically stimulated, it will reflexively ejaculate, resulting in physical fatigue and back pain. Semen emission through the urethra easily causes urinary tract infections, frequent urination, and urinary symptoms.

Therefore, when men have sexual desire, they should release it in time. Otherwise, it will have some negative impact on their body, life, and work. Reasonable sex life and ejaculation frequency are important factors in maintaining men's physical and mental health. 

Here are some reasonable solutions:

1. Moderate Sexual Activity: Maintaining a moderate sexual life, based on individual needs and health status, is important to help maintain the normal functioning of the reproductive system and to promote the normal production and release of sperm. The frequency of moderate sexual activity can be determined by an individual's physical condition and comfort level.

2. Masturbation: For men who have been abstinent for a long time, masturbation is a natural way to relieve sexual desire and release sperm. Masturbation can help reduce sperm buildup and help maintain a healthy reproductive system.

3. Regular Ejaculation: It can help remove aging, unhealthy or defective sperm and maintain normal functioning of the reproductive system, which can be achieved through sexual intercourse or masturbation.

4. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with or without abstinence, is essential to maintaining a healthy body and reproductive system. This includes a balanced diet, moderate exercise, good sleep, and stress reduction. Overall, physical and sexual health can be promoted through a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, prolonged abstinence from sex may lead to sperm accumulation and potentially affect men's physical and reproductive health. Men should find a balance that suits them and maintain a reasonable frequency of sex and ejaculation to maintain their physical and mental health.

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