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Who Need to Pay Attention to Uterine Fibroid
Being influenced by the increased pressure of working and living and environmental pollution, the morbidity of uterine fibroid is increasing year by year. In every years’ physical examination, we can find many new cases of uterine fibroid. Women who have a disordered sex, have no babies and always be depressed are more likely to acquire this disease. If we want to prevent uterine fibroid, we should keep a good regulation of intercourse, get married and bear children in time.

Even though uterine fibroid is a benign tumor, it can also induce health problems. Positively preventing uterine fibroid is an attitude being responsible for our health. There are three kind of women who should pay attention to uterine fibroid:

1.Women who have disordered intercourse: inharmonious relationship between husband and wife would hurt feelings of each other, induce disorder of Qi and blood and cause tumor. Thus it can be seen that: the normal sexual stimulation between couple can promote the normal neuroendocrine proceed, make the secretion of hormone go on wheels and decrease the happening of fibroid.

2.Childless women: the childless women do not have the timely protection of progestational hormone, easy to acquire hormonally responsive diseases. And uterine fibroid is one of them.

3.Depressed women: middle-aged women are facing the dual pressure from working and family, easy to have depressive emotion. Sometimes, it can continue for several months or even several years. Depression and some other bad emotions are also important causes of uterine fibroid.

Experts notice that we should pay attention to our own situation and be alert about the symptoms. Even though the uterine fibroid is happening inside the body, we can also find clue from the  representation of body. If we have the relative symptoms, we should go to hospital to check soon.

1. Abnormal menses: the menstrual cycle is shortened to about 20 days a time. The menstrual period is prolonged and the quantity of bleeding is increased. If your menstrual cycle is abnormal, you should pay attention to uterine fibroid.

2. Lump in abdomen: the lump in abdomen is the main symptom of uterine fibroid, up to 69.8% of all the symptoms. The small uterine fibroid is not easy to be touched through abdomen. The touchable uterine fibroids are in the middle of lower abdomen generally and they are hard. Especially in the morning, when your bladder is engorged, it is easier to be touched. Minority of patients’ fibroids grow faster or they are accompanied by dull pain. At this time, you should consider of treatment as soon as possible.

3. Anemia: uterine bleeding is the most common symptom of uterine fibroid. Half or majority of patients would have. When the fibroid make the uterine cavity become larger. The area of endometrium would become larger, too.

4. Pressure: the symptom of pressure often induced by that the fibroid presses the surrounding organs. If the veins in pelvic is pressed, the lower limbs would swell. If the pelvic tissue or nerves are been pressed, it would induce the abdominal pain.

If you are one of the three kind of women, you should pay attention uterine fibroid. If you have some genital inflammation, treat it immediately. You can use“Fuyan Pill”to treat it. Herbal medicine“Fuyan Pill”can clear away the inflammation totally with three months. What’s more, this medicine also can cure the complications of genital systems. If you are interested in it, please contact us as soon as possible.
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