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How Can Men Prevent Genital Infections? A Urologist Gives 6 Tips, Take Precautions Now!

Genital infections are a significant part of male urological diseases. Therefore, the best way for men to prevent urological diseases is to address the issue of genital infections. Genitals are easily irritated due to environmental factors and urination reasons, making them prone to infection from prolonged contact with bacteria. 

Prevent Genital Infections

Hence, men need to take preventive measures in their daily lives and timely care to avoid the occurrence of urological diseases.

How Can Men Prevent Genital Infections?

1. Avoid Alcohol

Men must avoid long-term alcohol consumption, especially those who are physically weak, as it not only reduces local immunity but also directly affects the reproductive system. Some men who are long-term heavy drinkers may develop urological diseases, the most common of which are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

2. Avoid Frequent Sexual Activity

To prevent infections, men must avoid frequent sexual activity because it not only exposes the genital organs for extended periods but also leads to a decrease in local immunity. Therefore, long-term sexual activity is a main cause of infection, and too frequent sexual activities can easily lead to cross-infection between partners, exacerbating the disease.

3. Use Antibiotics Reasonably

To prevent infections, men should also use antibiotics reasonably. Antibiotics are a common medication for treating bacterial infections, but overuse or inappropriate use can easily lead to bacterial resistance. Once resistance develops, not only will the infection worsen, but it will also increase the risk of infection with other bacteria, leading to multiple infections.

4. Regular Check-ups

Not all infections will rapidly worsen to cause typical symptoms. Therefore, men may not notice in the case of chronic infections, necessitating regular check-ups for maintenance of health and the local area. If the symptoms of infection are not severe or belong to chronic infection, they are usually only noticeable during check-ups. Hence, it is important for men to maintain the habit of regular check-ups.

5. Maintain Personal Hygiene

To prevent infections under healthy conditions, the most important thing for men is to maintain personal hygiene, wash clothes frequently, and take good care of the local area to effectively avoid infection. Due to the special environment of the genital area, which is often kept in a warm and moist state, it is easier to come into contact with bacteria and for bacteria to proliferate, leading to easy infection. Men are advised to clean the local area regularly and maintain the habit of bathing frequently to effectively prevent infections.

6. Strengthen Exercise

Besides preventing from various factors, men can also improve their physical fitness to prevent diseases. The main reason for infection is the local resistance being affected, unable to withstand external stimuli, thus invaded by bacteria causing infection symptoms. Therefore, men can strengthen physical exercise in daily life to enhance physique and improve the body's immunity, effectively preventing infections.

Among the above suggestions, it is worth mentioning that traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has good therapeutic effects on treating reproductive system diseases such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, etc. It has the effects of diuresis, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis, which can effectively help alleviate symptoms and promote the health of the reproductive system.

Preventing genital infections in men is not difficult. By improving various factors and their own physical strength, control can be effectively maintained. However, to control long-term, maintaining good habits is essential.

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