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White Discharge Resembling Tofu Residue on the Glans: What is the Cause?

White secretion on the glans, similar to tofu residue, may be caused by factors such as smegma, prostatitis, balanitis, urethritis, etc.

White Discharge on the Glans

1. Smegma

If you ignore personal hygiene, dirt will accumulate in the foreskin cavity, resulting in the phenomenon above. Special treatment is generally not required if there are no other uncomfortable symptoms. But you should pay attention to personal hygiene, change underwear frequently, and keep the foreskin clean and dry.

If smegma is in the shape of tofu or cheese, and there are white cheese-like patches or membranes attached to the surface of the inner plate of the foreskin and the coronal groove of the glans penis, you can consider whether you have fungal balanitis or posthitis. It is recommended that patients go to the hospital for an examination in time, collect secretions for fungal smear examination, and conduct a routine urine examination to rule out bacterial infection.

2. Prostatitis

Although common symptoms of prostatitis include frequent urination, urgency, premature ejaculation, etc., different symptoms may occur due to different causes of prostatitis infection.

Prostatitis is divided into acute and chronic forms. Acute prostatitis may be caused by a decrease in the body's resistance, allowing bacteria to infect the prostate and cause prostatitis.

Chronic prostatitis has multiple factors, including pathogen infection, abnormal immune response, and urinary dysfunction, which may all be the causes of prostatitis infection.

3. Balanitis

It is usually an inflammatory response caused by infection, trauma, or stimulation. Clinically, it is mainly manifested as penile edema, erythema, erosion, and other symptoms, accompanied by itching, pain, and other phenomena. 

Balanitis is a common male disease mainly divided into infectious and noninfectious forms. Patients experience symptoms such as local itching, glans erythema, papules, erosion, and desquamation, which mostly occur in summer and autumn.

Infectious balanitis is mainly caused by excessive foreskin or phimosis, which leads to an increase in dirt inside the foreskin, causing a damp internal environment and breeding bacteria to infect the glans.

Noninfectious balanitis is caused by frequent local friction, trauma, and frequent use of irritating substances.

4. Urethritis 

It is usually related to gonococcal or chlamydial infection. Pathogenic microorganisms can invade the epithelial cells of the urethral mucosa, leading to ulcerative damage. When the condition is severe, the above situation will occur.

If it is gonococcal urethritis, medication such as levofloxacin hydrochloride capsules and norfloxacin capsules can be taken orally according to medical advice for treatment. If it belongs to nongonococcal urethritis, it is recommended to take injections of drugs such as ceftriaxone sodium and spectinomycin injection, according to medical advice.

How to prevent it?

Patients should pay attention to personal hygiene, especially the cleanliness of their private parts. Clean the glans and foreskin every day to avoid excessive stimulation and keep the penis and foreskin fresh and clean.

Sexual life should be avoided during the illness. In addition, patients and their sexual partners should receive treatment simultaneously to prevent recurrence of the condition.

In terms of diet, it is important to eat less spicy and stimulating foods, avoid smoking and alcohol, maintain good dietary habits, and exercise appropriately to enhance resistance, which is beneficial for the recovery of the disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, can also treat disease and regulate the body.

When white discharge appears on the glans, there are many reasons, and the diagnosis results will vary. As long as the cause is found and targeted medicine is used, it can be quickly cured. Finally, regardless of the diagnosis result, do not panic. Calm your mind and maintain an optimistic attitude to help cure the disease.

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