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Acquiring Uterine Fibroid Does Not Mean That You Need an Operation
In a woman’s life, uterus plays a very important role. A gynecological expert has ever said that the so-called gynecological disease is uterine disease. According to the statistics of authoritative data, about 20% of women over the age of 30 suffer from uterine fibroid. For women suffering from uterine fibroid unfortunately, to cut or not to cut, it’s a question.

The pathogeny of uterine fibroid is not clear.

In fact, the exact pathogeny of fibroid is not figured out completely. Some facts attest that fibroid is relative with the long excessive stimulation of estrogen. For example, the fibroid always happen in the precocious puberty period, and the fibroid would atrophy gradually after menopause. In the gestation period, with the increasing of the level of estrogen, the fibroids would also grow up rapidly. The exogenous hormone can also accelerate the growth of fibroid. And there are others who believe that the long-term disordered sex can induce pelvic congestion and may be a reason of inducing fibroid.
What is the outcome of uterine fibroid is the most common question proposed by the patients in clinic. When the fibroid is growing rapidly and the blood and nutrition supply is insufficient, the fibroid is mostly easy to have secondary lesions, such as glassy degeneration, cystic degeneration, calcification and so on. Malignant lesion is mainly sarcomatous lesion. The rate of malignant lesion is 0.13% to 1.39%, mainly found in the elder patients. In clinic, the cases of malignant lesion is rare.

Whether we need an operation should be decided by the specific state of illness. The symptoms of patients would vary with the differences of the size, amount, location and growth rate of fibroid and the age of patients. And the specific treatments would be different. Actually, most of the patients with fibroid do not need to have an operation to excise because if the endocrine environment is not recuperated, even if the tumor is removed, there would be new tumor growing out.
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