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How many factors that can bring Painful intercourse to men and women?
What is painful intercourse? It is a painful or uncomfortable phenomenon happens when having sexual intercourse. Most of the time painful intercourse happens because of lacking of lubricant. It is very common. But if it happens frequently and become severer, it might be caused by some diseases. Both women and men can experience this symptom, so it should be avoided. 
Factors for men
prostatitis is a important reason make men to experience painful intercourse. as is known, when having ejaculation, seminal vesicle can be affected by this action. So pain can be felt when ejaculation, because seminal vesicle is near around prostate gland, and prostate gland can be moved by ejaculation too.
phimosis also is a factor. Men with this disease have high risk of infection. So if having infection on penis, it is easy to feel pain when having intercourse. Men with phimosis has their penis covered tight, so pain commonly happens because of  friction.
3, penisdeformity patients also have to bear painful intercourse because their penis are not normal, so it is unable to bear normal friction.
Factors for women
Vaginitis is a disease that has inflammation on vagina or its Submucous connective tissue. So when women with vaginitis having intercourse, it is easy for them to experience painful intercourse. Women with this disease should avoid intercourse until this disease is cured.
PID is the second causes of painful intercourse. Pelvic inflammation disease can bring pain on women’s vagina or lower abdomen, thus, when having sex, the pain on vagina becomes severe. Women with PID should avoid intercourse too until it is cured.
Painful intercourse is a symptom that easy to be cured. Women can take fuyan pill and men can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate this symptom.
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