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How to Diagnose Endometriosis by B-ultrasonography
If you have endometriosis, what kinds of ways may you choose to deal with the condition? Most people may go to hospital to have a test. There are two common ways to diagnose endometriosis. There are conventional ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasonography.
B-ultrasonography is painless and noninvasive, which is the most eased test for the patients. This kind of test needs patients to suppress the urine before the test. Patients can drink more water before the test to make sure the test result more exactly. If there are a lot of people in the hospital waiting for the test and you are suffered from the pain, then you can try to tell the doctor to let you have the text in advance.
The purpose of the test: the test always try to find out whether the patients have cervix tumor, endometriosis, uterine malformation, ovary tumor, Inflammatory lumps or abscess in the pelvic cavity and so on.
The first kind of operation is conventional ultrasound: this is the most common way to test endometriosis. The specific way of conventional ultrasound to test endometriosis is that the doctor put the B-ultrasonography probe into the patient’s hypogastrium. The examination always focuses on the uterus, accessory and pelvic cavity condition.
Doctors’ advices
1. Patients need to drink about 1000ml water before helf or one hour of the test and they also need to suppress the urine to the limit. Because it can let the bladder fill, then it can squeeze uterus from the deep pelvic to the hypogastrium. So that B-ultrasonography can see uterus and ovary. If you go to hospital to have this kind of test, you can take a bottle of water in order that you can supplement timely.
2. There are may be a little swelling pain during the test after suppresses the urine
The second kind of operation is transvaginal ultrasonography. The specific way of transvaginal ultrasonography to test endometriosis is that the doctor put a probe with thin film in the ultrasonic machine. Then the doctor or the patient self can put the probe into the vagina to check the condition. They always focus on examination of cervix uteri and endometrium
Doctors’ advice:
1. This kind of way need not to suppress the urine. Probe is near to uterus and ovary, the picture is distinct. So this kind of test is accurately
2. Transvaginal ultrasonography is not suitable for the women who have vaginal bleeding, like menstrual period and irregular vaginal bleeding. It is also not suitable for the patients with infectious disease, like vaginitis and sexually transmitted diseases. The patients with problem in cervix uteri and vagina also need to be careful to prevent the infection and bleeding.
If you are indeed diagnosed with endometriosis, you should treat it immediately. We suggest you to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat it. You can take Fuyan Pill to treat it. This medicine is invented by Wuhan Dr.Lee, who has about 30 years of treating experience. And it is made purely of traditional Chinese herbal. You can achieve the best effect if you use it continually for 3 months.
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