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Four Kinds of Pain: Women Can Not Ignore
Due to lack of time and high cost of seeing a doctor, many women tend to ignore the pain in them, which sometimes is thought not serious or can not be regarded as a disease. Actually, pain can not be ignored, for some of them are indicators of female problems. Here, I will share four kinds of pain women can not ignore.
Lower Back Pain: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
If you are easy to feel tired, and have lower back pain, it is likely to be pelvic inflammatory disease, not simply lumbar problems.
If your pain is accompanied by fever, headache, tiredness, increased vaginal discharge, and even pain in abdomen, pain in urination and rectum, and then you can consider it to be pelvic inflammatory disease. What you should do right now is to have yourself diagnosed in gynecology department, not to miss the best time for treatment.
What's worse, several secondary problems can be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, such as extrauterine, infertility and problems in sex life.
Abdomen Pain: Tumor in Pelvic Cavity
Commonly, the symptoms of fibroids include pain in abdomen and lower back, which are easy to be ignored. Lumps can be felt with pain, so it is more likely to be symptoms of ovarian cyst, which can be seen through color Doppler ultrasound.
If a sudden abdominal pain is too severe to be endured, and even is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, it is likely to be uterine fibroids and ovarian cyst. You must go to a doctor immediately! And gynecology tumor is often accompanied by a variety of female diseases and inflammatory diseases, such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, annexitis and other complications.
Pain during Sex: Cervicitis
When you have cervicitis, there can appear some symptoms, such as increased leucorrhea, local itching, sharp pain and lower back pain. But generally pain can be rarely felt in cervicitis. If you have pain during intercourse, it is likely that you have cervicitis!
In order to prevent further deterioration, you need to go to a doctor immediately. In addition to the general gynecological Examination, you need to do TCT, electronic colposcope, even to determine the degree of lesion by pathologic examination.
Secondary Dysmenorrhea: Endometriosis
Secondary dysmenorrhea is the most typical symptoms of endometriosis, accompanied by excessive menstrual quantity and long period. Also, there is possibly sexual intercourse pain, anal belly, frequent urination and pain in urination and other symptoms.
As dysmenorrhea is regarded as a common phenomenon, it is likely to ignore endometriosis, but it is one of the main causes of female infertility! It may cause tubal adhesion and blockage, thus affecting ovarian functions, which leads to female complications such as infertility and inflammation.
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