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The soaring geriatric STDs put emphasis on sexual health

Nowadays, for retired people, they live better and longer after retirement with pension. A PERFECT storm of longer lifespans, Viagra and carefree care-home living is fuelling a surge in sexually transmitted diseases in retirement communities across the United States. Dr. Lee, a herbalist, puts that to relive a better summer of love, elder people should pay more attention to their sexual health. Although herbal medicine Fuyan pills and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills can cure male and female problems, elder people should live a healthier and happier life.

In the United States, STD tests are now as popular as colonoscopies among Americans over the age of 65, who qualify for government healthcare under the Medicare scheme. Chlamydia infections increased by 31 per cent and syphilis rose by 52 per cent among Americans over the age of 65 between 2007 and 2011, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The numbers are similar to those for Americans in their early 20s.

According to Ezekiel Emanuel, an oncologist and vice-provost at the University of Pennsylvania, America's senior citizens do not know how to have safe sex, and live like wild college students. "Combine retirement communities, longer life, unfamiliarity with condoms and Viagra - and what do you get? You get an STD epidemic among the social security generation that rivals what we imagine is happening in those 'Animal House' fraternities," he wrote in The New York Times.

Several factors are credited with diverting baby-boomers away from bingo and shuffleboard and towards what has been called "the second sexual revolution". Retirement communities are becoming like college campuses. They cram a lot of similarly aged people together, and when they do, things naturally happen.

Older people are in better shape than ever before. According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour, among people aged 60 and older, more than half of men and 40 per cent of women are sexually active. However, they grew up before the era of safe sex, and do not need to fear accidental pregnancies.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that older men who used Viagra and similar drugs were six times less likely to use condoms than men in their 20s. According to another study, the rate of STDs among older men who used such drugs was double that among those who did not.

In Florida, America's favourite place for retirement, sexually promiscuous older men have been dubbed "condo cowboys" - a reference to the apartment buildings that they tend to inhabit. According to Britain's Family Planning Association the eldest victim was an 82-year-old man with a new girlfriend.

This result of the study draws more attention to sexual health of elder people. Like most young people, they should know more about clean sex life. Even though with clean sex, many youngsters get caught in STDs, and they have to turn to medicine and some other methods. Herbal medications Fuyan pills and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills have cured many people with STDs like this.

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