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The connection between plastic containers and infertility and the treatment
Plastic containers is the necessary goods in people's daily life, we often use it to package products. According to surveys, different types of plastic containers own the different types of quality, and what's worse, many of them even exist the serious health hazard. By the state authority, among the 16 brands of plastic containers widely spread in the market, 15 kinds are containing banned material DEHA.
In this regard, the food safety experts suggest that the DEHA put the bad impact on our hormones, and make our endocrine system disorders. It not only causes the sexual precocity of women, but also causes the male infertility. However, there are a variety of causes that can cause the male infertility, so how to prevent infertility have become the compulsory for most male friends.
A healthy diet 
From the above, we have learned that as the food packaging material, the harmful substances in the plastic wrap can easy to enter the body through food. In particular, many men are blind to pursuit of taste in the diet while ignoring the quality of food. For example, the male excess intake of high-fat and spicy foods, all of these can cause the excess nutrients, and finally lead to the obesity. As we know, the obesity is one of the culprits that causing the male infertility. 
So, the healthy and regular eating habits are the first step to prevent the male infertility.
The reasonable exercise 
Male fertility is closely related to the sperm quality. The sedentary and lack of exercise are the killer to reduce sperm quality. Nowadays, most men must stay at their chairs for more than 10 hours, and thus lead to hypertension, diabetes and obesity and so on. All of these diseases lead to the excessive secretion of estrogen, meanwhile the testicles metabolic capacity also reducing. At this point, if you take the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, then you may get a desirable result.
Do not suffer in silence
The biggest reasons of male infertility are the reproductive system disorders. As many men do not want to talk about the infertility, so they can not properly treat their condition. If they accidentally suffer from prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis or such kind of diseases, they usually tend to keep in silence. Even when the symptoms are obviously, they also choose the self-medication. 
Dr.Lee said that it not only will not solve the problems of disease, but also can aggravate the condition, and put the long-term inflammation on the reproductive organs. Therefore, the positive treatment of reproductive system disorders is the most critical step for male infertility.

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