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White-collar female are susceptible to the gynecological disease, especially the breast cancer

There are reports shows that the white-collar female are the people with a high risk of breast cancer, this result cause uproar among women. In this case, Wuhan Dr.lee point out that it is true that the professional women are easy to infect with breast cancer. Although they get the adequate nutrition, but they are lack of adequate exercise, the exercise lacking is the cause that resulted to the excess nutrients. On the other hand, they usually couple with the habit of staying up late, these entire make the rate of prevalence increasing. 
In fact, irregular work can not only induce the breast cancer, but also can lead to a host of gynecological diseases. Now, we can make a discussion about the gynecological diseases that white-collar female can be easily infected by.
Vaginitis is the most common gynecological diseases of women, in Chinese medicine; we called it "morbid leukorrhea" or "pruritus vulvae". Due to sedentary, office women's genital often under the closed and moist condition, and these conditions are the best environment for pathogens breed and finally attack the vagina, causing vaginitis.
Mechanical damage and pathogen infection are the main causes of cervicitis. Many working women are during the childbearing age, so if their sex life is inappropriate, and cause the pregnancy or miscarriage, then these will damage the cervix, which finally lead to cervicitis. 
Pelvic inflammatory disease 
Pelvic cavity contains the female genital and its surrounding connective tissue, and if the inflammation happen, then it may happens on one area (for example: the salpingitis), or it can spread to several parts simultaneously.
For example, duo to the time limited or work stress, many working women can not be adequately treated when the symptoms of vaginitis and cervicitis appear. So they have to choose self-medication, but what they had done offer no help to clear the pathogen, so the long-term exist of inflammation eventually create the pelvic inflammatory disease
Fuyan pill can work effectively
As the saying goes: better late than never. If you right to receive the active treatment, and eliminate inflammation, then you can bid farewell to the diseases. Fuyan pill, as a complete herbal formula, can go with the effect with removing spleen dampness and promoting blood circulation. It not only can eliminate the patient's gynecological tissue lesions, regulate menstruation, eliminate pain, but also can treat the vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases.

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