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Five methods to prevent breast ptosis
There is no doubt that every woman wants to have the firm and strong build breasts, but with the time pass by, the breast which can best embody the treasures of feminine treasures would gradually loose and ptosis, and no longer show the full upright, the result make many women heartbroken. In fact, if we pay more care to the breast in our normal life, and get rid of bad habits, then you can try to make the breasts remain youthful and healthful. 
"Breast ptosis is caused by two reasons" experts say, one reason is the loose ligaments, the other one is the excessive weight. We know that after breast-feeding, the hormone levels will decrease, the mammary gland bubble tube, glands and fatty tissue will atrophy, while the skin and supporting tissue is appropriate and do not reduce, as a result, the breast ptosis occurs. On the other hand, if the breast is overweight, then the varying degrees of sagging would also happen.
Experts believe that the care is important to prevent the breast, and you should make the prevention from the adolescent, even when the breasts begin to develop, the doubly care should follow. 
1. Prevent the hit or squeeze of breast. The most important part need to be care intensively is the breast in our body, so do not let it fall into jeopardy.
2. Choose the right bra. "Be sure to wear underwear timely, because it put a good effect on pulling the breast" Experts say. Some experts have also suggested that the size of the underwear must according to the chest. The full cup fit for the fully surround of breasts, and the breasts can be tighten by it. The half cup can directly supporting the lower half of the breast, so the sternal line can be raised by vertical chest strap. This kind is more suitable for women with breast ptosis.
The side cup breasts can use to push our breasts from the sides toward the middle, so the external expansion or flat chest women can choose it. The 3/4 cup is suitable for busty but sagging women.
3. Pay attention to the sleeping posture. Especially do not choose the face down asleep. 
4. Eat high-protein foods. The doctor point out that fat and collagen is the main component of the breast. As a result, the high-protein meal food can supply the adequate nutrition for our chest, as well as to maintain the balance of hormone levels.
5. Avoid using hot water to stimulate the breast. If you take the hot water, the water will hurt the stratum corneum of our skin, and finally lead to the slack tissue of the breast. The appropriate water bath for us is about 27 degrees.
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