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Five symptoms of ovarian cyst and the treatment
In the early period, ovarian cysts usually have no obvious clinical manifestations, and it is found while patients have some gynecological examinations. With the growth of the tumor, the symptoms and signs will be different due to the different nature, size or complications. The common clinical symptoms are as follow:
(1) The abdominal discomfort is the early symptom. Due to the weight of the tumor itself, as well as the affection of bowel movements, the position of tumor in pelvic will also move, so that patients would have a falling sense of abdominal and iliac fossa.
(2) The thickening abdominal circumference and abdominal mass are the most commonly appearance. But these symptoms can only be found when the patients perceive their clothes tight little or waistband getting rough or occasionally feel uneasy in the abdomen. 
(3) The tumor can go without complications or pain. Therefore, if patient feels pain, especially all of a sudden, then it may caused by the tumor torsion, rupture, bleeding or even infection. 
(4) Generally, as ovaries or bilateral ovarian cysts do not destroy the normal ovarian tissue, so it does not cause the menstrual disorders. We should know that some bleeding does not belong to endocrine. It may be a result the changes vascular distribution caused by ovarian tumor, and causing congestion or directly result in the malignant tumor's metastasis to the endometrium. 
(5) It can make the pressure on abdominal organs which will cause the dysuria, urinary retention or inhibited defecation and so on.
Prevention of ovarian cysts
In order to prevent the ovarian cysts, the women in the menstrual period or postpartum should pay special attention to diet nutrition, non-intercourse, keep the vulva and vagina clean, and learn to self-regulation. Keep warm and avoid exposure to cold or cold water. Attention to work and rest appropriately, diet should be light, easy to digest and do not eat cold spicy food.
Fuyan pill treatment
When you get the ovarian cyst, you must have the surgery, after it, you can use the TCM Fuyan pills for a consolidation therapy. The traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill concentrate on promoting blood and qi, dredging stasis, and it can also kill various kinds of bacteria. Combined with the medicine of clearing heat and promoting diuresis, it will achieve the purpose of resolving the inflammation.

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