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Uterine fibroid favors you if you are pregnancy or with excessive estrogen
Uterine fibroids usually caused by the high serum estrogen levels, and it will increase due to pregnancy or excessive estrogen. the tiny uterine fibroids have no obvious symptoms, but if it left untreated, the consequence are inconsiderable, because it make the great influence on fetus's growth and development, so to be treated properly and timely is an urgency.
Why uterine fibroids occur is still not clear, but a large number of clinical observations and experimental results show that it is commonly caused by the five reasons below:
1> Uterine fibroids usually occurs in puberty and shrink after menopause. 
2> Fibroids often increasing due to pregnancy or estrogen. 
3> It is often accompanied with endometrial hyperplasia. 
4> The patients usually with the elevated serum estrogen levels. 
5> The binding force between leiomyoma cells and estradiol reach 20 percent higher than normal muscle cells, so it is generally believed that the growth of estrogen is closely related to uterine fibroids'creation. 
From the tissue, we can see that in most cases, the uterine fibroids are come from the uterus muscle cells, vascular smooth muscle cells and so on. Experts find that the early uterine fibroids contain the mature smooth muscle cells which enriched with tiny filaments. So we can make a conclusion that human uterine fibroids may occur on the process of differentiation from mesenchymal cells to smooth muscle cells.
During the sexual maturity period, undifferentiated cells and immature muscle cells remaining in the muscle layer of leaves appear continuity proliferation, differentiation and hypertrophy under the help of periodic estrogen and progesterone stimulation. And the long-term and repeated play can finally lead to fibroids. A short time continuing role of estrogen can cause endometrial hyperplasia, but the longer-term can turn out to be uterine fibroids. For example, uterine fibroids usually occur among middle-aged women, but rarely on the people before puberty.
So when it happens, you can choose Fuyan pills for a treatment. Fuyan pill is the nature medicine to promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis. It can clear up the fire in our body and toxic materials, and finally move away the inflammations. To cure uterine fibroid, you only need to take about three months and it works no side effect.
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