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Can condom cause the cervical erosion or not?
Although condom can isolate the bacteria, but in order to achieve the effect of keeping the lubrication effect, there is usually some oil on the surface of condom. The mineral oil, which can not easy to break down by itself, is difficult to be cleaned inside the vagina. So when it is left in the vagina, the certain ingredients contained in the lubricants will destroy the immune system of the vagina. If people use it twice a week, then the mineral oil remaining would be considerable. And if these oils long-term exist in the vagina, then it can male some destruction of the acidic environment of the vagina, which leave a superior environment for bacteria breeding.
Further, under the normal circumstances, there are living some vaginal aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Those bacteria form a balance for the vaginal environment, and put a natural defense mechanism, then finally leave a function of self-purification. Normally, most pathogens are able to flush out with the vaginal secretions, but the oils on the condoms are difficult to deal with. In this case, some harmful bacteria are left, and eventually cause the gynecological inflammation in women.
Why some people can be affected by condom and the cervical erosion occur
(1) Condom is made of rubber and some people prone to allergies. Even they do not allergic to rubber. It will also more or less make the bad influence on uterus as well as vagina as the rubber is different material after all. 
(2) As the oil on the condom is not the natural body fluids, thereby, there are some possibilities to cause the hormones disorder. In addition, the oily substance is not timely cleaning and persists in the vagina. This can result in the changes of vaginal environment. What's worse, the PH disorders will also occur, which easily lead to the inflammation of the vagina, and the cervical erosion happen.
People who suffer from mild cervical erosion should go to the hospital to have a check as soon as possible. If it confirms that it is cause by hormone disorder or inflammation of the vagina, then you can choose the TCM Fuyan pill to treat it. Fuyan pill is especially suitable for the patients with long suffering. Fuyan pills' raw material contains bupleurum, angelica, atractylodes, honeysuckle, forsythia, plantago, peach kernel, safflower, and so on. It can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, mycoplasma and chlamydia and achieve the goal to relieve pain and regulate menstruation.
And if is not caused by inflammation, then do not worry too much, take a good care of yourself will put you out of the condition. In fact, young women with cervical erosion are a normal case. In addition to the inflammation, there are many factors that can also cause cervical erosion. A large amount of young women get the cervical erosion due to the sex hormone disorder. Some others are caused by environmental impact, irregular sexual life and so on.
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