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Dark Rim under eyes may be a symbol of gynecological diseases
Many women have dark circles, and believe the black eyes are caused by lack of sleep. However, what confuses them is that, they may also get dark circles though they slept well the night before. In fact, female friends should be alert to this phenomenon at this time, as you may be suffering from some diseases, especially the gynecological diseases. 
Dark circles may be caused by gynecological disease.
Most people believe that dark circles occur as a result of fatigue and staying up late. In fact, in addition to this reason, dark circles can also be caused by some gynecological diseases, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and some ovarian diseases. In short, if you have long-term dark circles, you are recommended to do a physical examination.Dark circles under eyes
Dark circles can be classified into two categories:
1. There are crescent-shaped strips in the inside eye corner, mainly presenting as brown or gray. 
This type can be seen in both the young and the old, and the difference only lies in the color of shades. The main cause of this kind of dark circles is dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation. The blocked blood circulation will be manifested in the face as dark circles. 
2. The second kind of eye circles is congestion and nigrescence around the eyes. This type of dark circles is mostly a manifestation of menopausal syndrome. Moreover, they can also be caused by some chronic gynecological diseases which will affect eye microcirculation, resulting in dark circles.
Does dark circles need to be treated with medicine?
Dark circles need to be treated according to the causes. If you have long-duration dark circles, you'd better ask a doctor for help. After a further examination, the doctor can clearly know what disease you are suffering and give you treatment accordingly.
For dark circles caused by fatigue, you can improve this situation by keeping adequate sleep and proper nutrition. For example, you can eat some fruits, vegetables and food which are rich in vitamin C. And if necessary, you can do eye massage to relieve your black eyes.
For dark circles caused by gynecological diseases, you can choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment. With syndrome differentiation principles, TCM can effectively eradicate the diseases. Among all the Chinese medicines, Fuyan Pill is a good choice. Fuyan Pill can not only cure many kinds of gynecological diseases, but also regulate human body, effectively prevent diseases relapsing.
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