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Herbal remedy for curing mycotic vaginitis
Mycotic vaginitis is a common kind of gynecological diseases. Having a high incidence and recurrence rate, mycotic vaginitis attracts a lot of attention. Then how to cure mycotic vaginitis? 
To choose a proper treatment for mycotic vaginitis, you should firstly know how you get mycotic vaginitis.
You may get mycotic vaginitis through the following ways:
1. Indirect transmission.
You can get infected with mycotic vaginitis by contacting with insanitary items, such as the public toilet, bath-tube and bath-chairs.
2. Sexual transmission.
If your sex partners have fungal urinary tract infection, then you are susceptible to mycotic vaginitis, as the pathogenic factors can be transmitted through intercourse.
3. Extensive attention to health.
In order to maintain health, many women would use medicinal lotion to clean the vagina, which is incorrect. The medicinal lotion would destroy the vaginal PH environment, thus making you easier to be infected with mycotic vaginitis.
Though selecting a variety of treating methods, a lot of patients have ultimately failed to cure the disease or prevent the recurrence. In treating mycotic vaginitis, you must select the correct medicine. Otherwise, there may be no effects, and what's worse, the condition may be aggravated. 
How to effectively cure mycotic vaginitis?
To eradicate mycotic vaginitis, traditional Chinese medicine, Fuyan Pill, is a good choice. Fuyan Pill is natural, harmless and without side effects. 
With the effects of sterilization, Fuyan Pill can kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms in a short term. Meanwhile, some other effects of Fuyan Pill, such as promoting blood circulation and clearing away heat, can eliminate the exhibited symptoms of mycotic vaginitis. In addition, Fuyan Pill contains medicine which can improve immune capacity of the patients. Therefore, Fuyan Pill can not only cure mycotic vaginitis, but also effectively prevent the recurrence of the disease. 
However, you should always keep in mind that, you cannot randomly lengthen the treatment time for consolidation. Excessive medication would affect the restoration of normal vaginal flora, causing re-infection. Therefore, you'd better take drugs under the guidance of your doctor.
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