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Distinguish uterine fibroid from uterine sarcoma
Many people do not understand the difference between uterine fibroid and uterine sarcoma. And they always confuse these two diseases which however, have essential distinctions.
Uterine fibroid:
It is the most common benign tumor of females (having a higher incidence in women aged 30-50). According to ultrasound evidence, 70% in white women and 80% in black women are estimated to run the risk of uterine fibroid. 
Uterine fibroid forms mainly due to the uterine smooth muscle cell proliferation. So the exact name of uterine fibroid should be uterine leiomyoma. And because of its pathogenesis is female hormones (estrogen and progestogen) related, therefore, it attributes to hormone dependent tumor.
Patients with uterine fibroid have no obvious symptoms. This disease can be only accidentally discovered in the gynecological examination or surgery. Patients can have menstrual changes (increased menstrual blood volume, shorter menstrual cycles or menstrual extension, irregular bleeding, and so on), pain (seldom appears, but acute abdominal pain occurs when fibroid has red degeneration or submucosal fibroid is stimulated, and consequently cause uterine spasmodic contraction), oppression symptoms (fibroid oppressing bladder causes urinary frequency, voiding dysfunction and urinary retention, and oppressing ureter can be lead to hydronephrosis), increased vaginal discharge, infertility, anemia (long-term menorrhagia can lead to secondary anemia).
Uterine sarcoma:
It is a malignant female genital tumor, and is rare (3 to 7 per 100,000 in the United States population).
Uterine sarcoma accounted for 2% of uterine malignant tumors, and the onset is about 50 years old age. The main clinical manifestations include: abnormal vaginal bleeding (postmenopausal vaginal bleeding or menstrual abnormalities), abdominal mass, abdominal pain (due to the rapid growth of myoma), increased vaginal secretions (serous, hemorrhagic or white, with purulent or stench). The incurably ill patients can have symptoms like emaciation, anemia, fever, and so on.

All in all, uterine fibroid is rare malignant translated, and patients can take oral patent medicine Fuyan Pill to eradicate it. The uterine sarcoma patients, however, need to receive surgical treatment according to the specific situation. And if it is necessary, patients should receive chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or herbal treatment to cooperate with surgeries.

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