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Risk factors and a herbal treatment of ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy, also known as extrauterine pregnancy, refers to the pregnancy outside of the uterine cavity. For ectopic pregnancy, almost 98% of them occur in the fallopian tube. Then, what kind of women prone to get ectopic pregnancy and what is the best treatment
1. Women with chronic salpingitis 
Under normal circumstances, with the help of cilia and smooth muscle, fallopian tube can deliver the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity easily. But for women with chronic salpingitis, the inflammation and lesions will make a huge harm on fallopian tube, which make it difficult to gain the occurrence of delivering.
2. Women with tubal dysplasia or deformity 
Tubal dysplasia or endometrial lack of cilia will cause the dysfunction of tubal transport and fecundity. On the other hand, tubal deformity can also stop the activity of fertilized egg. 
3. Women with endometriosis 
When endometriosis happens in tubal interstitial department, the possibility of fertilized egg to set up in this place is very large. This is because the endometriosis will cause the uterine cavity relatively stenosis or obstruction, and the fertilized egg will difficult to pass by.
On the other hand, when fertilized egg combines with the endometrium, the syncytial trophoblastic cell will finish the differentiation and secrete out a protein dissolving enzyme. This enzyme will invade the endometrium and finally cause the ectopic pregnancy.
4. Women with pelvic mass
The extrusion and traction of mass will change the position of uterine or tubal, and lead to the unusual structure of the reproductive system. When the position changed, the normal fecundity will also be affected. 
5. Women with tubal ligation surgery
For recanalization of natural and operation method, no matter which one you choose, the fallopian tubes cannot be recovered as usual. As a result, the passage can be relatively narrow, which make the failure of fecundity.
6. Women with a history of ectopic pregnancy 
If women used to have the experience of ectopic pregnancies, then the occurrence rate will be high than the normal one. 
Fuyan pill- a herbal treatment
Fuyan pill is the most effective way to treat the ectopic pregnancy, and the result is remarkable. It is the patent medicine created by Wuhan Dr. Lee. The formulations are a complete one. It can work with the effect of removing spleen dampness, promoting blood circulation and detoxification, which cure the disease from the root. With the effect of detoxification, it can kill a variety of pathogens to treat of ectopic pregnancy. It also can restore the normal function of the female reproductive system in a short time. Without side effect, it is worth a shot.

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